This article is based on the biography of a famous Hollywood actor and describes a new NFT collection. Bill Murray – More details

A famous actor from America recently launched the NFT collection. Are you looking for all details about the collection, including the price? Keep reading for all the details about the NFT Launch.

The United States as well as the United Kingdom have been excited about the launch of the NFT Bill Murray . The digital collection of actor, is becoming a popular trend in the NFT community. We will now look into the locations and details of all listed digital collections.

Bill Murray and the NFT Collection

American actor and comedian Bill Murray is well-known for his outstanding performances in many Hollywood movies. Murray was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois.

Murray’s entrance into NFTs has been a hot topic within significant crypto communities as well as online platforms. Murray started a collection that featured NFTs in his life. The digital images include Murray’s life events.

NFT Bill Murray

  • Bill Murray launched a selection of NFTs via Coinbase NFT marketplace on 15th July 2022.
  • Murray’s NFT Collection, “Bill Murray 1000”, consisted in 82 digital arts.
  • Project Venkman, theCHIVE and NFT were instrumental in developing the NFT collection.
  • The collection contains NFTs that include advice, observations, memories, and anecdotes.
  • All NFTs are up for auction in August 2022.
  • NFT can be purchased by buyers using USD or Ethereum.

Bill Murray 1000 to be purchased?

  • Visit Coinbase NFT marketplace.
  • Login to your Coinbase profile
  • You can register for a free Coinbase account by providing some basic information. Learn more about the NFT Bill Murray.
  • Connect your wallets like Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect or MetaMask.
  • Search for “Bill Murray 1000.”
  • You can buy cryptocurrency using Coinbase.
  • You can choose the NFT that interests you.
  • Click “Buy now” to confirm the purchase.

List Of Expensive Bill Murray NFTs

  • The “Dumb & Dumber To Cameo”: This NFT cost 5000 ETH as of the writing. The NFT features the actor displaying in a shanty background with yellow and blue lenses.
  • Thunderbird Owners Club – This NFT cost 60 ETH. Murray is shown with his 1960 Ford Thunderbird in this NFT artwork. Bill Murray is also shown with a deep purple and a violet lens. He also wore an lilac tie.
  • A Life Well Vivend: This is another high-end digital art piece from his collection. This NFT cost 100 Ethereum. This NFT portrays Murray’s initial film career. Murray is shown wearing a magenta, bomely and blue lens.


Recent years saw an incredible rise in the NFT market. This market has seen many celebrities launch their digital collectibles. Please visit for more information on the NFT Collection.

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