herb Saffron

All of us have heard about saffron whether in food, sweet dishes and now even in skin care and beauty products 

It is a spice or an ingredient which you can find in Indian households mainly it is used in Kashmiri families. Its common name is kesar and its scientific name is crocus sativus and it is a thread shaped spice or ingredient derived from the flowering part of crocus sativus plant. It is the dried part of the female reproductive system ( stigma or style ) of flowers having thread like structure. 

Its cultivation and harvesting is too time taking and very delicate that is done majorly by hands only which makes it more expensive 

Saffron consists of so many active ingredients and also it is rich in antioxidants which actually increases its demand and makes it worldwide more popular. 

These days saffron has extensively used in skin care products, beauty products, sweet dishes, food etc. Saffron kashmir is another widely researched topic used by the researchers and scholars in the world. 

According to Ayurveda each and every good, herbs , medicine consists of potency which might be hot or cold as saffron is hot in potency which gradually leads it’s more consumption in winter season than they of summer season 

Well we all know that Summers have been arrived and winters are gone so it’s time to change our food habits, lifestyle according to the environment and surrounding 

Well if we talk about saffron in winters or summer as I already mentioned that saffron has a high potency so can be taken in winters but it’s not that you can’t take it in Summer , no you can have it also in summer but in right and optimum quality. In winters out body has capacity to handle hot potency food but in summer it may leads to other side effects but you can have it in summer in right amount and in right form like you can have it with normal or cold milk as milk has cold potency so it balances it out 

So always remember if you want to enjoy the taste,aroma and fragrance of saffron you must  have to consume saffron in right form and amount in Summer 

You have so many options to his to consume saffron in summer such as 

  • Kesar thandai 
  • Kesar smoothies 
  •  Milk based drinks 
  • Summer coolers etc 

And along with all of such there so many health benefits as well of consuming the saffron such as 

It works good against skin issues, acne, pimple , open pores etc 

For open pores replace normal water with saffron water and then take its steam you will defined experience good results. Saffron price in India is quite low as compare to other countries.

It also improves the skin texture, providing you the inner glow and radiance. 

It also reduces the tan, itchiness, inflammation, pigmentation and provides you smooth and glowing skin naturally 

So these are some benefits of saffron and how you can have it in summer 

But always remember saffron should be consuming in right amount and in right form another it may leads to side effects