Are you familiar with the most recent Kim Kardashian updates? Are you curious about what happened to Kim Kardashian’s dress at the Met Gala 2022. Met Gala 2022 was the most important fashion event in the world, drawing attention from countries such as Australia and United Kingdom.

Many people show their creativity at this event. Kim gets trapped after the event. To learn more, read this Marilyn Monroe 2022 dress write up.

News Related To The Dress

We discovered that Kim Kardashian borrowed the Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala. Our investigation revealed that the dress was actually from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Franchise. However, many netizens from the United States as well as the India were disappointed to see its before and afterwards.

Sources revealed that the Marilyn Monroe Collection had posted photos on Instagram showing the dress with a few missing crystals and loose threads after it was worn by Kim at the Met Gala. Let’s now discuss this historic dress.

The Marilyn Monroe Iconic Wear

According to reliable sources, Marilyn Monroe wore the dress on May 19, 1962. It was designed by Jean Louis. The dress was also worn by Marilyn Monroe for a charity event, where she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. president”.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! later purchased the dress for $4.8million. Team. We noticed a thread in the dress that indicated it was an elegant look. The dress is embellished with around 2000 hand-beaded crystals. Many people were concerned about Kim’s Marilyn Monroe Iconic dress. The following passage will help you to understand the implications of this topic.

Additional Information

After the photos of the outfit were posted online, users claimed that Kim had damaged it when she wore it to the Met Gala. According to the threads, however, the gown was well-traveled and taken care of by many security guards. The dress was supervised by the executives even though Kim posed for photos during the event.

We also found the Marilyn Monroe 2022 dressstrings. In an interview, we learned that she had lost 16 pounds in order to wear the outfit because the franchise wouldn’t allow her to alter it. Unfortunately, many users are unhappy with the photos. However, there are no comments yet about Kim’s buzz or the franchise.

The Bottom Line

We have posted the latest news about Kim Kardashian. Social media users claim that Kim has ruined the iconic look. We are not going to comment on the matter, and we will only be referring to the Marilyn Monroe 2022 dress threads.