This article is about Manko Paris reviews as well the recent controversy around racism and how it affected the company’s rating.

Are you searching for Paris’s best restaurant or hotel? Paris is known for its world-famous food and many visitors come from all corners of the globe to enjoy it. Paris’ Eiffel Tower is considered one of France’s most beloved attractions.

Paris draws a lot of tourists from Canada or the United States. People are looking for the best place to eat after exploring Paris’ streets and visiting beautiful spots. Manko Paris has some of the best restaurants in Paris. To fully understand Manko Paris Reviews, it is worth checking.

Manko Paris Reviews Online

Manko Paris has a rating of 3.5 and is located at 15 Avenue Montaigne (75008), Paris, France. Manko does not have an official website. However, you will find reviews and other information on the restaurant on some of the best websites. These websites offer useful information on the best restaurants in your destination city.

Manko Paris, with more than 800 positive reviews, is ranked 3552 out 16000 restaurants. It automatically indicates the quality, satisfaction and number of customers who have been served.

Manko Paris Racism

Recently, news has been made about the Racism Act that took place in Manko. The security guard refused entry to several black men inside the restaurant. It was because they were wearing dresses for night. This happened Saturday night (16 July 2022).

The victims explained that security guards prevented them entering the restaurant. They said that they were not wearing proper attire and that they were wearing a dress for night. According to the developer of the company, this was the Moma Group’s fault for the guard’s behavior. The guard wrote a series on Instagram and Twitter apologizing for his actions and claimed that we don’t encourage racism.

Is Restaurant Manko Raciste?

Manko’s reputation was damaged by the wrong behavior of the guard. Manko was less valuable due to the discriminatory behavior of the guard. The owner of this company strongly condemned this incident. We also sent several apologies messages. This information is to inform you that we don’t encourage any racism or inequalities within our company.

Additionally, the guard will be reprimanded and the owner will take legal action. The Manko Paris Incident has gone viral after many people witnessed some people trying entry to the restaurant. They argued with the guard.


Manko Paris was a top-rated restaurant in Paris by Moma Groups. However the recent controversy surrounding racist attacks on certain people caused the restaurant to lose its image. However, the company owner issued an apology.

Did you ever face such discrimination? Your comments can be shared in the section below. You can also view Manko Paris reviews