1. Short bob wigs:

Bob wigs are now the top trend in the fashion industry. The same goes for a short bob and some opt for a long bob. Bob wigs look flattering as it brings confidence and glamour into your personality. Short bob wigs are also a hot favorite among bob lovers because of their easy maintenance. Short bob wigs can opt for any occasion without any doubt. Short bob wigs alter your appearance and give you the confidence to rock your look. 

Luvmehair’s short bob wig:

If you’re fond of short bob wigs then you’re at the right place. Luvmehair has a variety of short bob wigs that are made of human hair. luvmehair short bob wigs are pretty affordable made of premium quality material and last longer than synthetic wigs. Short bob wigs from luvmehair are the new trend in the fashion industry as they look appealing and realistic.

Natural short bob wig:

Here we gonna guide you that how you can make your short bob wigs look more natural so no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. 

  • Firstly, you need to invest in high-quality virgin human hair-made wigs. Go for luvmehair human hair-made short bob wigs for a realistic appearance. Its natural shine and thicker strands look natural and enhance your confidence game.
  • To make short bob wigs natural, you can choose a bob wig with frontal lace. Actually, frontal lace easily melts and looks undetectable if installed properly. 
  • While choosing the right lace for short bob wigs, you also have to consider the color of the lace base so it should match your scalp and skin and blend in the scalp. It will look like the hair is actually growing from roots.
  • Short bob wigs with frontal lace enable you to opt for maximum hairstyles thus it looks like your natural hair.
  • Choose the color of the short bob wig wisely that compliments your look and you can easily carry it.
  • Always install your short bob wig rightly so there’s no flaw left and it shouldn’t look like an extra hairpiece on the head but it must be installed like they are your natural hair so you can slay it confidently.

2. Curly lace front wigs:

If you’ve got a straight hair form so long and thinking to change the style then you must opt for a curly wig rather than making your natural hair curly. Curly wigs save your hair from heat damage and let you enjoy your dreamy curly look pretty easily. Curly lace front wigs are the hottest favorite because of the frontal lace wig. Curly lace front wigs are super versatile, look natural, and can be easily installed. 

Benefits of curly lace front wigs:

Luvmehair has many types of curly lace front wigs with different textures and types. Luvmehair’s curly wigs are super strong. They ensure no shedding or tangling in curls and also it didn’t lose their luster and brightness after several uses as they are made of natural human hair.

Lets’ talk about some benefits of curly lace front wigs:

  • Curly lace front wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs because of their texture and frontal lace.
  • Curly lace front wigs come with the right curl pattern and the best hair density that didn’t look odd or unnatural.
  • Curly lace front wigs come with the right size of the cap and the cap is made of sheer mesh that didn’t feel heavy over your head but it also lets your scalp breathe. 
  • It didn’t put pressure on the scalp which can lead to severe headaches.
  • Curly lace front wigs easily blend into your scalp because of the thin lace base so it seems that hair is actually growing from your scalp.
  • The biggest advantage of curly lace front wigs is that provide an undetectable appearance just like your natural hair. Its lace melts to your scalp and looks unbelievably natural.
  • Curly lace front wigs are a worthy investment because they last longer as the lace base is made of premium quality material that can be used several times without fear of wear and tear.
  • Curly lace front wigs from luvmehair didn’t tangle a lot because their strands are made of virgin human hair.
  • Curly lace front wigs just can’t be styled in a typical way but because of frontal lace, it allows you to opt for several hairstyles that make your curly lace front wigs more productive without damaging natural hair.
  • If you wash and store your curly lace front wigs with proper care they will be your valuable investment and you won’t regret buying them.

3. Deep wave hair:

Deep wave hair looks bouncy, thicker, and fuller. It has high density with tight curls that are appropriate for volume lovers. Deep wave hair is the best solution for people suffering from hair thinning or hair conditions like alopecia as it hides bald patches and provides voluminous hair with a natural look. Deep wave hair has smooth and lustrous waves that look eye catchy. 

Luvmehair’s deep wave hair:

Luvmehair deep wave hair is all the rage because of its natural shine and thickness. They last longer as they are made of virgin human hair and didn’t shed or tangle. Luvmehair deep wave hair can be opted for any occasion to get a thicker and fuller look. Luvmehair deep wave hair is bouncy yet smooth, soft, and subtle. They didn’t look frizzy or dry because of their high density and volume. Go for it you won’t regret buying it.


Here we gonna tell you some important considerations that you’ve to make while buying deep-wave hair.

Hair type:

Firstly, you need to study your natural hair type. Then choose the deep wave wig that matches your natural hair so you can wear it confidently and it easily blends with your natural hair.


Choose a deep wave wig that compliments your face cut and head shape. Not every wig is for you, you need to study your features and head shape and then choose the right deep wave wig that suits you more. For this, you can go to a wig store and try multiple wigs and choose one that enhances your features.

Wig type:

Choose a deep wave hair that’s easily installable. Well-installed wigs look natural and undetectable.


You also have to consider the usage of wigs and how often you’re going to wear your deep wave hair. Then choose the comfortable one, made of premium quality material and easy to care for and maintain.

Other considerations include budget and a reliable source from which you can buy the wig. You can buy deep wave hair from Luvmehair because it’s the most trustworthy online source that makes virgin human hair wigs and you can get excellent quality deep wave hair at a super affordable price.