Clothing stores are among the businesses that earn money by sharing the culture, and thus inspire customers who share their beliefs. Some stores may be able to counterfeit your identity in any way. In addition, the site that we’ll be discussing is closed to domain registration so we present you with information from various online sources and attempted to provide you with details about the website.

So, in this post we’ll inform buyers from countries such as those of the United States through Luvmedress reviews on com.

Talking About The Site

Based on the sources we have extracted We have discovered that the website traded clothing accessories, such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Swimsuits
  • Sets made of two pieces

We also observed that offered huge amounts of compensation for its products.

Listing The Website’s Vital Points

  • The e-commerce official link was
  • The reports have disclosed that [email protected] was their mailing address.
  • The address of a particular company was not displayed on the site.
  • 21-11-2020 was the portal’s founding date, however, its expiration date is 21-11-2022.
  • The number did not appear to be in use This raised a doubt Do you think is legit ?
  • The site offered free shipping option for customers who bought more than $150 worth of products.
  • offered clothes items such as t-shirts, swimsuits, and more.
  • The website was accepting payments via PayPal, MasterCard and VISA.
  • The analysis revealed that social links were not there which raised suspicion.

Why Is The Portal Helpful?

  • The address for mailing was readily available.
  • We achieved a high trust score of 60% for our website.

Difficulties Found

  • The social platform connections were not there.
  • 45.9/100 trust rating was achieved This isn’t very reliable.
  • According to Luvmedress reviews the number to call and address were not present.

Is Luvmedress com A False Site?

  • Site’s was one year old and one month old on 21/11/2020.
  • Trust Score –We received 60% value from the website.
  • Buyer’s Note-We discovered that the domain for the website is now closed However, a few users have claimed that they’re fraudsters on the Facebook page.
  • Alexa rank-The site has been awarded 2398163 Alexa rank.
  • Social network hyperlinks-The icons and connections weren’t present.
  • Trust Rank –For the site We found a negative score of 45.9/100.

Client’s Feedback On Is Luvmedress com Legit ?

The users of the Facebook page have rated the site one star from 5, which suggests that the website isn’t secure. In addition, the majority of customers have stated that they had not received the product on the site after several emails. Additionally, some users said that the products are not what they’ve been shown.

People also reply that the website is an auction site and does not have login to this URL.

The Bottom Line

When we look at the Luvmedress reviews accessible on the Internet we’ve discovered that the domain for the website has been shut down; therefore, we’ve gathered the information from various websites.