Did you see the fighting video for LT? Social media is flooded with videos of LT, with millions of people having already seen the video. People from World are talking to each other about the video, while others want to know the truth. These questions flooded the internet. This article will give you all the answers to HTML5_ Video Fight, and any other related questions.

What is the LT Fighting footage?

Laurie Michael (also known as LT) was a victim of the attack. He was 24 when he died after being stabbed at the mall. A man recorded the incident and his fighting footage was shared over the internet. This incident happened in front of the entire Brunswick Mall crowd. The victim was then stabbed in both the neck and head. Seyram Kwami is a 20-year old suspect in the murder of Michael Tagaola.

Was LT Video Boxer?

The shocking video of LT left many people stunned. However, the fighting video showed Laule facing Laule and his defensive stance during the fight. It made people wonder if Laule MichaelTagaola was a professional boxer or if he was related to any sporting event. We want to inform our readers about the question that LT wasn’t a boxer or related to any sport. He hasn’t posted anything about boxing on his social media account.

LT Video Boxer Investigation

LT was not saved by the officer who rushed to assist him during the fight. Officers have now taken Seyram Kwami into custody as a suspect in the murder of Laurie Michael Tagaola.

This incident took place in the presence of everyone. It was a terrifying sight. LT was stabbed multiple times in public places, which means that anyone could be victim to the attack. People now worry about how their disputes will be handled with anyone else after the incident.

After Video Fight , what do people think of it?

Laurie said that Michael Tagaola’s friend LT was a kind-hearted, caring man who was a great friend. He was known for his compassion and kindness, but he was brutally murdered one day. Many people are asking questions about their safety and sending their condolences. People are stunned at the video and now have doubts about their safety.


We discuss LT’s viral fight footage and answer some questions. We also shared public views on the fighting incident.

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