This article provides an insight into the Lizzo Special Review, and informs the readers about all things related to Lizzo’s Special Album.

Are you familiar with the song “Special”, from Lizzo? Are you curious to see what the audience and critics think of the album and its track? The latest headlines reveal that Lizzo has created the new album and that everyone in the United States loves it.

You can find Lizzo special review here. Also, check out the newly released song.

The reactions of the public to the Special

Lizzo’s new album Special is her latest. Before that, she had released three albums over the previous year that were great hits. The album was published on July 15th 2022. Before that, she had released a single track called About Damn Time in April 2022.

The release has been received with great enthusiasm by the audience who look forward to hearing it when it becomes available on other platforms. The album has a music score of around 55. The 2022 rating is 486.

Lizzo – Special Review : What did the users think of the album?

Our research team looked through the comments to see if there were any reviews. It was obvious that they had both positive as well as negative reviews. Some people believe the album “Special” was made for music lovers and not the tiktokers.

Some people find the songs to be too boring to listen to. You know what? Everyone likes different music. It would be better to wait until the album has received more reviews.

What tracks are on Lizzo’s special album?

After we’ve seen the Lizzo Review now let’s look at the tracks and songs that are popular with the audience. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Sign
  • About Damn Time was released prior to the album. It is a trailer.
  • Grrls
  • 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready?
  • You are loved by me
  • Special
  • Break up
  • Naive
  • Birthday Girl
  • Coldplay
  • If you love me,

These are the tracks in the Lizzo Special Album. After you have purchased the album on a different site, you can go back to the original and begin listening to it.

Controversy about tracking in Special Album

Due to the word that was used, there was controversy over a track from Special. The song was criticized by several organizations. Lizzo removed the word and released an updated version.

Lizzo avoids controversy whenever possible and does not intend to cause any harm through her songs. So she apologized to the company.


We can conclude that the new Lizzo album has been a success with some speed bumps. You can view Lizzo-Special Review yourself and read what the audience has said about it after a few weeks.

What is your favourite song on the album? Leave a comment with your answers in the section below.