One of the most incredibly beautiful and versatile diamond jewellery is the diamond pendant. These are not just another piece of jewellery, but an invaluable addition to any collection and an emotional investment. Even when the diamond pendant has a simple design featuring one or two stones, they still sparkle like stars in the darkest nights, ensuring that all eyes are on them! If a gorgeous diamond pendant is present next on your list, then here is a brief guide to picking the right one!

Choosing a diamond pendant style

The Diamond pendant comes in various shapes and sizes that you will find one matching your taste and preference. A few common styles of the diamond pendant are:

1. The classic pendant style

If the classic designs are something you are looking for, then the classic diamond pendant featuring a single stone might be the one for you. These charming pendants are usually solitaire or halo and will not fail to accompany you on every occasion. The best thing about this design is that it makes perfect everyday jewellery.

2. Go symbolic

Diamonds mean many things to many people, and when you want to personalize your diamond jewellery, you could always go for symbolic diamond jewellery like the trilogy. Symbolic pieces make beautiful gifting options that the person receiving it will not deny the gesture.

3. Grand and intricate pendants

Take your jewellery a step further by going for the elegant and complex diamond pendant. These diamond pendants would be perfect for huge occasions and party outfits that all eyes would be on your jewellery!

Choosing a metal

Your choice of metal for the diamond pendant is another important factor you need to consider when looking through a huge collection. Start by asking yourself where you are planning to use it and with what; if this diamond pendant is going to be an everyday piece of jewellery, you could go for something more dense and gorgeous like the platinum diamond pendant. If you plan to match it with gold jewellery, then a gold diamond pendant should be your choice. Also, match the colour of your gold before purchasing a diamond pendant. After all, you do not want to wear a yellow gold diamond pendant with rose gold diamond earrings because this will be a wardrobe disaster.

Few Tips to Remember when choosing pendants

When choosing a diamond pendant, you also have to think about purchasing a chain to match with the pendant you are choosing. The best thing you could do is purchase the pendant and chain together so that you can be sure that they match. However, if you already have a chain to go with your pendants, then here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Your diamond pendant should not weigh more than your gold chain, and the maximum ratio of weight they could go for is 1:1. This is because if the diamond pendant is heavier than the gold chain, then the chances of your chain-breaking are higher, and you might end up damaging your beautiful piece of jewellery.
  • The colour of the diamond pendant should match that of the gold chain. Therefore, if you have a yellow gold chain, make sure you purchase your diamond pendant with a yellow gold base metal.
  • If your diamond pendant has an elaborate design, then ensure that the chain is subtle and simple so that it does not take the spotlight away from the pendant.
  • Make sure the clamp of the diamond pendant is big enough for your chain to go through. Otherwise, you would need a thinner chain to hold your diamond pendant.

So go ahead, and explore amazing options of diamond pendants online and add a diamond pendant to your collection to complete your jewellery wardrobe!

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