It is now commonplace for online celebrities and YouTubers to take on professional boxing. A lot of popular YouTube as well as social media celebrities have already made professional debuts in boxing.

Kristen Hanby and Vitaly are two of the most recent names to be a part of this trend. The two popular online celebrities were shown fighting each other at a recent fight which makes Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly Full Fighttrendy.

The term has gone viral across Canada as well as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. Read this article to learn more about these individuals and the battle.

Who is Kristen Hanby?

Kristen Hanby is a 28-year-old YouTuber, TikTok user, and an online influencer who is a household famous. His birthplace was in Jersey in the United Kingdom on March 8 1993. He has a huge audience on the Instagram and other social and media platforms as well as a loyal public.

According to sources, he is residing within Los Angeles, California. The question Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly Full Fight has become popular since these internet personalities engage in a fight.

Who is Vitaly?

  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy grew up in Murmansk, Russia, in March 1992. He’s a Russian-American YouTuber.
  • The YouTube channel “VitalyzdTc” has millions of subscribers and has earned billions of page views.
  • His videos usually fall under the vlog, pranks and comedy categories.
  • The battle among Kristen Hanby and Vitaly is growing in popularity as people are eager to watch the fight and find out who emerges with the victory.
  • The two have been involved in heated debates.

Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly Full Fight

The entire details regarding this battle between two personalities on the internet are as follows:

  • Two YouTube and online celebrities collided against one another in a match that went viral.
  • This question is likely to become popular as people search for sources to watch the match.
  • The game was accessible for streaming on the Showstar website via streaming via PPV.
  • There were many verbal snares between the two personalities, aimed at one another.
  • People believed Vitaly to win the fight due to his greater physical size. To everyone’s delight the famous Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly Full Fightended with the draw.
  • The two characters had to deal with challenges with each other, getting a lot of hits and damage from one.
  • After the match was over they hugged one their partners, and Vitaly requested a match on a neutral field.

The Final Thoughts

Kristen Hanby and Vitaly are two social media influencers and celebs with a huge following. The two have recently participated in a boxing match and we’ve provided the pertinent details below.

Did you catch the fight live? Which one do you think has the upper hand during the majority of the fight? Share your opinion regarding the sensational Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly Full Fight results in the comments.