If you’re wondering about the particulars about Children Langston Hughes, or the details of Kids Langston Hughes, then this article will provide you with the most precise information.

Have you ever read The Kids die poems? Who wrote this poem? What is the end to the poem Kids Die? This article is a gift to all of our readers who are wondering about the many related questions.

Children Die, an album from Langston Hughes the poet who lives in the United States. The incredibly powerful and moving poem catches the attention of readers. Read this article on Children Die Langston Hughes until the end to get all the pertinent details.

Details about Kids Die by Langston Hughes:

Children who Die is a strong poem about the social environment in the 1930s. It was also the time that Hughes lived. Thus, the poet has spoken of contemporary life in nearly two-thirds of his poem, which describes the atmosphere that is characterized by the death of fear, violence and hate.

The poet has specifically and used the words in the poem. The poem was composed around 1938, describing the revival that had occurred over the last 10 years. The resurgences discussed young blacks, their death as well as their portrayal by the media.

Langston Hughes Poems:

Before we get into the poem’s details, we should look up some details about the writer to help us understand his work. He was a major person during the 20th century Harlem revival that occurred to New York. He therefore has an extensive career, and is known as a plays, novels journalist, activist, and poetry.

Beyond all these jobs Poetry was the author’s most known and admired career. Some of the top poems written by the author include Let America Be America Again It’s Me Too, Theme for English B, I Look at the World, Lullaby and many more.

Kids Die Langston Hughes Summary:

Once we have the name of the writer, we are able to continue by presenting the summary of his poem. It describes the lives and deaths of black and white young people. They are children from different parts of the globe who have experienced death as classmates, friends, coworkers, and many more.

Everybody, even the old young and the rich has profited from these children, degrading them and exploiting them all their lives. The author also states that it will all be changed for the better in the near future. This is why this plot is written in the majority of Langston Hughes Poems.

The subject of The Kids Who Die Poem:

If you read all the stanzas in this poem, it is all about power of hierarchies, discrimination, unity, and the end. The poem has described how wealthy and the top-ranked people have devastated the lives of poor children.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing the specifics of Hughes’s poetry and writings, we can say the poem Kids Who Die is all about the disadvantages that the children of low income have to endure due to their superior power. The poem has also attracted an interest of people from all around the world.

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