Are you familiar with Jennifer Akers? Her obituary news is a hot topic online. Many obituaries with the same name exist, confusing relatives and friends of Jennifer Akers in United States.

We have found several obituary letters in Jennifer Akers’ name after analyzing. We will now discuss the obituaries that we found under Jennifer Akers’s name. People are searching for Jennifer Akers’ obituary. We have three obituaries that were posted in 2022. We will be discussing them all. Let’s now check out the Jennifer Akers Obituary.

Jennifer Akers’s Most Recent Obituary!

We analyzed and found that Jennifer Akers had three obituaries published in 2022. On 16th August 2022, the most recent obituary mentioned that Jennifer Akers had recently died. However, the date and time of her death are not known.

The cause of death is therefore not known. People in the United States search online for updates on the obituary or funeral details. Any family member or relative can not receive the obituary notice; therefore, details cannot be shared.

About Other Jennifer Akers Obituary Comments!

We found two additional obituaries with the same name. These obituaries were published in 2022. Jennifer Ann Akers was the first to be obituary. She died 17 February 2022. She was a former Forensics coach and teacher. At 52 years old, she died on February 17th. She was a teacher at Arkansas Public Education for 29 years. After switching to Camden Public Schools she returned to Arkansas Public Education. For the last 15 years she has been teaching at Cabot Public Schools.

Family members of Jennifer Elaine Akers released the 2nd Jennifer Akers Obituary on April 11, 2022. Cox Funeral Home announced that she had died on the 8th of April 2022. You can find the service information and an update on Jennifer’s obituary on the official website at Cox Funeral Home Manchester. You can visit the page to share condolences and memories with Jennifer.

Is Jennifer Akers’ Obituary Not Included?

Yes, there are more obituaries with the same name. However, we shared the 2022 published or shared obituary. We have a Jennifer Akers Obituary for 2021 and 2020. However, we don’t share details because they are older.

People are looking online for the most recent obituaries published between 2022 and 2023. We have therefore shared Jenifer Akers’s most recent obituary, which was compiled after extensive research and evaluation.


Obituary Notes are shared by loved ones after the death or dismissal of the deceased. It includes details about their funerals, as well as their memories. Online obituary notes are available for those who wish to express condolences and remember the deceased.

We analyzed multiple obituary notices with the same name Jennifer Akers. We have however shared the Jennifer Akers Obituary, which was recently published.

Are you aware of any other obituary pages with the same name that have been posted recently? Please leave your comments.