NATO is an organization that was established in 1949. When, in 1949 twelve countries signed the agreement, they agreed to these principles: Protect the rights to freedom, civilization and the common heritage of the people and respect for the law, and individual liberty. There are many nations around the world which are members of this organization.

The article we’ll look at Who Who will be in NATO 2022?.

What exactly is NATO?

NATO is an international cross-country alliance formed in the month of April 1949. It was formed following four years of the world war ll. At the time the west was in a state of tension over the threat of the Soviet Union. Following this, 12 nations as well as UK and the US and UK reached an agreement in Washington.

NATO’s headquarters NATO is at Belgium, Brussels, Boulevard Leopold iii(glass building). In the year 1967, those places have served as its base. The first NATO base NATO was located in London and then Paris at the time of 1952. time. A lot of people are interested in knowing: Is Who in NATO 2022? NATO includes 30 members.

Why was NATO established?

NATO is an organization that offers security, protection and assistance to its member nations whenever needed. NATO is described as a political and military alliance. As a military-based alliance, diplomatic efforts fall short during conflict as well as NATO will use its force to deal with the situation.

As a political association, NATO encouraged democratic values. It allows members to collaborate and work together on security or defense-related questions to determine the best answer, stop conflict in the long term and develop trust.

Who will be In NATO 2022 ?

Here are the NATO members. NATO The following are NATO members:

  1. Belgium is a member of the European Union since 1949.
  2. Denmarkwas joined in 1949.
  3. Canada was joined in 1949.
  4. Iceland is a member of the group in 1949.
  5. France is a member of the group in 1949.
  6. Netherlandsjoined in 1949.
  7. Luxembourg was joined in 1949.
  8. ItalyIt joined the European Union in 1949.
  9. United Kingdom- joined 1949
  10. Portugal was joined in 1949.
  11. Norway was joined in 1949.
  12. United States of America – joined in 1949
  13. Turkey has joined the NATO in 1952.
  14. Greeceis a member of the European Union since 1952.
  15. Spain is a member of the European Union since 1982.
  16. Germany was joined in 1955.
  17. Hungary is a member of the EU since 1999.
  18. Czech Republic – joined 1999
  19. Poland was joined in 1999.
  20. Latviawas admitted in 2004.
  21. Estonia was joined in 2004.
  22. Bulgariais a member of the European Union since 2004.
  23. Lithuania is a member of the EU since 2004.
  24. Slovenia is a member since 2004.
  25. Slovakia – joined 2004
  26. Romaniais a member of the European Union since 2004.
  27. Croatia has joined the EU in 2009.
  28. Albaniais a member since 2009.
  29. Montenegro was a member of the 2017 group.
  30. North Macedonia – joined 2020

According to our study on Who is In NATO 2022? These countries are members of NATO. During the conflict between Ukraine and Russia several NATO members NATO have provided military assistance as well as sanctions to Ukraine.


Any country can become a member of NATO however they need to fulfill specific objectives. The countries that are destined to become member of NATO must satisfy certain physical, political and economic standards to be a part of the alliance’s security. The former premier of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, is the current leader of NATO until the end of September 2022.

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