The guide includes details to help people determine Are Quinlanvos Alive.

Are you a Kenobi streamer? If you are a regular streamer of the episodes, then you have probably heard about Jedi Quinlan Vos. This legendary Jedi made his animated debut in Clone Wars.

He is an unanticipated mention in the 3rd episodes, and he is not known to all Star Wars fan. He briefly appears when ObiWan reads the list containing travelers who reached safety. Although he was barely mentioned, many viewers in the United States wanted to know What is Quinlan Vos Alive.

Is This He Alive Or Dead!

Tala the Imperial Officer explains the Mapuzo’s safehouse and how it is used to rescue Jedi, force sensitive kids, and others. Kenobi searches the walls and discovers Quinlan Vos’ name on one wall. So, he said, Quinlan Vs is here, and Tala confirms.

Tala tells us that Quinlan Vos, who is still smuggling young children to safety, is alive in Obi-Wan’s 3rd episode. The Jedi are believed to be alive and still living. The name carved onto the walls also confirms that he is still alive.

Quinlan Vs Alive Who is Quinlan Vis?

Quinlan Vos was the Jedi master who first appeared in the Clone Wars animated TV series. He also appeared in Star Wars media series, including Dark Discipline, Christie Golden’s book.

The story focuses both on the good and bad sides of Quinlan Vos, as well as his relationship with Sith Assassin. Although he made only a brief appearance on the episodes, he gained popularity among his fans in United States.

Kenobi episode 3, his brief mention, cemented his place in Star Wars’ live-action canon. All his followers are worried at the ending of the episode and want to know What is Quinlan Vos Alive. Tala, the Imperial officer, confirmed that he was still alive and that he is still smuggling young children to safety. His name is also carved on the walls.

Quinlan Still Alive in the Canon

In one episode, Vos’s friendship with Jedi Knight Desh turns deadly when he causes him to die a merciful death. This is especially because Desh has poisoned himself for the purpose of capturing the Vos. Vos found strength in Ventress and was able to return to the light.

Many of the fans were curious to find What is Quinlan Vos Alive.

According to Marvel Darth, he’s still alive and survived Order 66. He is alive, and Tala (the Imperial Officer) confirmed that the younglings are still being smuggled to safety.


Star Wars Kenobi Episode III’s fans will be familiar with Quinlan Voices Jedi. He survived order 66, and is still in the canon. Kenobi was assured by Tala the imperial Officer that he is still breathing and smuggling younglings. So, Does Quinlan Vos Still Alive? must be able to confirm that he is indeed alive.

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