Summers can be humid and warm in Newcastle, and one use a pool at home to beat heat while sipping on their favorite cocktail. Any swimming pool is considered a plunge pool if its length is less than 6 metres. Plunge pools can range in size from 2 metres to 7 metres, though. Depending on your needs, their depth can range from shallow to deep, and their width is typically between 2 and 3.5 metres.

Plunge pools in Newcastle are, in general, compact pools with a condensed surface area. Although it has adequate space for one person to swim in safely, it is better suited for lounging than swimming and includes spacious seating places for resting comfortably.

Finding a plunge pool that works with your Newcastle property is now simpler than ever thanks to the wide variety of plunge pool designs and sizes and forms available.

Plunge pool features

Despite its tiny size, a plunge pool can be equipped with a variety of amenities to boost its functionality. These consist of:

  1. Swim jets

For those who want to use their plunge pool for a more intense workout, swim jets are appropriate. Because they make it possible to swim in one spot and increase water resistance, you can get the same physical benefits from swimming laps in a full-sized pool even in a small plunge pool.

  1. Spa jets

With spa jets, you can simulate a spa setting in your own garden. By loosening tense muscles and reducing pain and tension all over the body, these hydrotherapy jets aid in relaxation.

They help you heal from muscular injuries more quickly and are especially helpful if you have painful illnesses like arthritis.

  1. Heating systems

Plunge pools are easier to heat than larger pools because of their smaller size. However, a suitable heating system will improve the comfort and tranquilly of your plunge pool. 

Additionally, since you will be able to utilise your plunge pool all year long rather than just during the summer, you will be able to get more use of it.

  1. Lighting

For plunge pools in Newcastle, there are numerous LED lighting options. These extend the amount of time you can enjoy your pool by illuminating it after dark, allowing you to keep swimming and unwinding in the water well into the evening. 

Additionally, the correct lighting will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your plunge pool.

  1. Self-cleaning systems

These are ideal for people who lead busy lives since they remove the burden associated with having a plunge pool by circulating the water and cleaning every part of the pool for you. 

This makes the environment considerably healthier and gives you more free time to relax in the pool rather than cleaning it.

Can a plunge pool be your right option?

Plunge pools are a wise choice for many Newcastle homeowners due to their many advantages. With features like swim jets, which let you swim properly in a tiny body of water, or spa jets, which promote relaxation and reduce muscle discomfort, they are also simple to customise to your needs. 

This implies that building a plunge pool that is entirely tailored to meet your demands is rather straightforward.