Do you have a Canberra home backyard? If yes, then why not make the place a bit more special? With some unique design, you can give your backyard a new, fun, and cool makeover. Later you can enjoy the place for small yard parties, and family gatherings that will add extra charm to your backyard. To make your Canberra summer even more joyful let’s see some great ideas to design your yard. 

Getting the backyard redesigned

If you are looking for new pools Canberra professionals or want to give your swimming pool a unique look, then you should hire the capital country pool company. They provide the best virtual pool consultation. The fiberglass pools with a variety of shapes are quite impressive. They also offer a wide range of color choices and special features like self-cleaning of the pools. 

This is to focus while designing the backyard

There are certain areas or factors that you need to focus specially to get a perfect result. Let’s discuss those factors:

  • Purpose of designing: before designing, think carefully for which purpose you need your yard. Whether you want to throw big parties or want to have a special time with your loved one or a family gathering. You can later ask your designers to design accordingly. 
  • Layout: now you can plan a proper layout for the whole party. You can utilize the space for a different purpose. You can keep some space around the pool for swimming. A sitting place where you can enjoy some gossip, a drinking area or a barbecue area is the best. 
  • Seat arrangements: plan proper seating area. You can arrange the seats around the fire pit and enjoy soothing music. You can also sunbath during the daytime. You can arrange big sofas or sitting cushions and arrange them in a circular manner or any other pattern with which everyone can interact with each other. 
  • Lighting: you can add extra charm to your party with beautiful lighting. With colorful rice lights, and LED lights you can modify the atmosphere of the surrounding accordingly. 
  • Food and beverages: whether you’re doing a big party or a small get-together, food and drinks are the important factors. You can keep the food corner separately for better management.

Tips to keep the pool maintained

During a backyard party or any occasion at you Canberra home, the main attraction is the swimming pool. It makes the surroundings more fun and enjoyable. So here are some tips with which you can keep your pool clean and maintained: 

  • Size of the pool: you can adjust the size of the pool as per your needs. However, the big pool will need more maintenance, time, and cost. However, the small pools are also beneficial for exercising. 
  • Cleaning: it can be done using robotics, floor cleaner, and suction. Nowadays the self-cleaning technology of the pool is quite popular. 
  • Extra materials: with the help of additional equipment like a pump, filter, sanitizer, etc. you can keep the pool more maintained. 
  • Pool covers: these pool covers will prevent the pool water from pollutants like plastic wrappers, fallen leaves, etc. 


With proper maintenance, you can make your pool last for a long time.