Getting rich and famous online is actually easier than most people presume. A great number of people have some gifts that are wasting away and don’t know how to convert them to regular sources of income. Some internet celebrities today gained their fame and riches by streaming gameplay or their lifestyles. Making unique content in the form of videos and writing and having the boldness to post them out for the general public to see and make comments online is the beginning of popularity. If you are able to pull off some live shows, it would even fetch you more fans. Let us look at how to convert your online popularity into income generation.

Create your own website to become popular

When you create a personalized website and keep updating it with fun posts in the form of videos or audio, you are sure to keep your fans hooked. It is not an easy feat to create a personalized website and still get it to become popular. Some people increase their popularity using their social media handles since there are so many people on social media already. So how do you get your website noticed?

You can hire a digital marketing agency to build the ideal website for what you want to do and still help you create the best online presence to reach a global populace. For example, you can search for an SEO agency online if you are based there and you will have a number of options to reach out to. Once you start getting the needed hits on your site, sponsors will come looking for you and wanting to advertise their products on your web pages. That will be a good way to make money.

Start your own podcast

Podcasting combines blogging with digital audio technology to create an almost endless supply of content. It is another medium to entertain, create humor and educate those who visit your page to always listen to you. It is like an on-demand audio content series that you can listen to anytime via a podcast app, website, or smart speaker. Making a podcast requires that you pick a niche topic you want to always talk about. If you know people always want to read about that niche, you can research it and start your own podcast. You have to try to be as original as possible. Your listeners will stop visiting your page if they discover that you are acting fake. 

Once you have been able to gather many fans whose numbers can fetch you some money, you can then start looking for companies to advertise on your page. You can also host some sponsors who are superfluous with their use of words and also very knowledgeable about the topic you would be discussing that day. Offer to advertise the products of your sponsors on your page. Apart from the fact that you will become popular with more fans visiting your page regularly, you also get to make money from ads that you showcase on your page.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a dream job for many people. You get to be your own boss and you could generate passive income.

The purpose of a blog is to share information about one’s business and services. You can also use the platform to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics. It is a great way to create some personality for your company making your business become more approachable and credible. Depending on how interesting you are, you will have people subscribing to your blog and even inviting their friends too. Once you start having the traffic to your blog, then you are prepared to start adding money-making to the popularity. To make money on your blog, you can get people to place ads on it and pay you. The more followers you have that get to see the ad, the higher the pay.

Build your popularity on Instagram

Many people are using their Instagram accounts these days to make a lot of money. How did they make their handles different from others? Just the way podcasts are created and people always wanting to play the audience to the interesting ones, the same thing applies here. The main aim will be to upload entertaining, edifying, and educating content regularly and people become endeared to you. You can coach people on fitness goals with practicals, you could tell people the secret of growing your natural hair which people are already admiring. If you are a brand influencer, you can post pictures of yourself wearing items produced by the brand. Some people upload pictures of themselves doing different fashion senses. If you keep getting your followers excited, they will invite more friends to follow your page. You get paid per post on your page depending on the number of followers you have.

Start a Youtube channel

Just like creating a website for yourself, uploading interesting video content there to draw traffic to you, and then leveraging on the numbers to make money, it is pretty much the same here. This time, the website is your youtube channel. You just have to keep posting educational and engaging videos. Additionally, you should possess some basic video editing skills and knowledge about specific tech tools and platforms necessary for video management such as knowing how to share large files

It could be videos of you playing some difficult classical piano pieces composed by Chopin or Paganini Liszt. Tiffany Poon and Yuja Wang are two renowned classical pianists who have gotten famous on YouTube for posting videos of themselves playing difficult pieces. 

Definitely, almost all the music lovers in the world would subscribe to their channel. Some others subscribe to people’s channels not because they are die-hard fans of the niche but because they get swept off their feet by the unique content. It is all about trying to be as engaging as possible with your gift. Some people also use their youtube channels to treat their followers with comedies, making themselves famous and rich in the process. 

Final Word

There are so many ways of making money on the internet and becoming famous as well. You need to have a gift or be good at something that people are interested in. Then you need to be able to share engaging content on the platform you have decided to use. You start getting famous when the traffic starts hitting you. You can then use the numbers to make money. If you have a gift that is wasting away, time is money. Get on one of the online platforms and start selling your talent.