Covid’s times are a bit hazy at the moment, but there is no official declaration of the end of the epidemic. The last two years were tough for everyone across the globe, particularly students. Students are now finished with their education. But, choosing the right school can be a difficult task.

The NSW government is the most reputable system within Australia. It has published its HSC scores of its top 150 school based upon its results from the previous calendar year’s HSC scores. The list was announced on January 19th, 2022.

We will learn more about the HSC school rankings 2022 The following is available for download.from the section below. .

About NSW

NSW The state of NSW (New South Wales) is the capital city of the state of Sydney. NSW is the largest state in Australia’s economy, with one-third of the population of the Australian habitat. It is the center of Asia-Pacific culture.

Recently the NSW government published the results of The High School Certificate Score (HSC) in the 2021 year. In spite of the intense competition and pandemics did well in their examinations.

NSW high school’s rank is dependent on the marks of the students who took the test in 2021.

Below, we’ve gathered the data from some high schools that were announced in the NSW government. According to the HSC Schools Rankings for 2022 ,admission of students is now easy .

What is ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the number that ranges between 0.00 to 98.95. It signifies that the student’s position is within their age range.

ATAR is used by institutions to aid them in selection of students for various programs and for admissions based on the rank of selection.

Differentialities in ATAR as well as HSC?

They are both different ways to measure accomplishment. The High School Certificate (HSC) shows the student’s accomplishments. HSC scores are determined by the marks that are earned.

ATAR is the measure used to rank students which evaluates the overall academic achievements of students.

Calculation of HSC Rankings.

The HSC School Rankings 2022 have been released recently from government officials from the NSW government. But, the question about the method used for the calculation remains unclear. Let’s be clear within this article.

To fully comprehend the process for HSC calculation, you have to be aware the fact that HSC results are split into bands.

A student who is capable of achieving an achievement in the top group (Band 6,) is classified as distinguished achievers.

The success rate is the percent achieved by dividing the number of Distinguished Achievements results by the number of years that the HSC examinations were offered at the school.

Top 5 Hsc School Rankings 2022 in NSW

Below is a form which notified the top five schools that were ranked in NSW.

Rank on 2021School NameRatio of SuccessDistinguished Achievers
1.James-Ruse is an agricultural High School.70.58%160
2.North-Sydney high school for boys.59.29%158
3.Baulkham Hills High School58.24%202
4.Sydney grammar school56.13%184
5.Sydney Girls High School for girls53.23%162

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HSC grades are a major factor when deciding on the most reputable schools. NSW government supports to select the most suitable schools for students.

The HSC School Rankings 2022 The HSC School Rankings 2022provided the entire package of the schools that have the highest rankings. Comment on your thoughts in the comments section below.