In fact, the registration method of CCNA 2020 certification is almost the same as before. What is different from the past is that CCNA certification has been updated since February 24, 2020, so now you can sign up for the new version of CCNA certification exam. The latest CCNA certification exam code is 200-301. CCNA free course is available to test your skills.

New outline of CCNA 2020 certification – 

At present, CCNA certification has released a new outline, and the question dumps have been updated accordingly. So it is available for you to register for CCNA certification exam now. As for choosing a CCNA training institution, SPOTO, who has always been committed to online training, can be a good choice. The current epidemic has little impact on CCNA learning and you can take online classes at home.

Directions of CCNA 2020 certification

Current CCNA certification covers many topics, because it is a collection of the original nine directions. Therefore, the knowledge of CCNA is the foundation of Cisco’s other certifications. It is self-evident that learning CCNA well is important for applying for higher level certification of Cisco certification system later.

You can first understand the knowledge framework and outline of CCNA certification. The topics of CCNA certification include network foundation, network access, IP connection, IP service, security foundation, automation and programmability. The parts of automation and programmability are very worthy of careful study and research, because in all directions, whether it is security or data center, automation and programmability have become the future development direction. Automation allows you to optimize your network architecture and expand your network topology. Of course, its convenience is also a highlight.

Registration method of CCNA 2020 certification

Next, let’s talk about how to register for CCNA 2020 certification. Its registration method is the same as before. Candidates can still register through Pearson VUE. Just log in to Pearson VUE’s account, select “professional exam”, enter 200-301, that is, the exam code of CCNA certification, and then register according to the prompt. After an appointment is made, the official will inform the candidates of the specific exam time.

There is no precondition for registration of CCNA 2020 certification because it is the most primary certification of Cisco. Even CCNP and CCIE certification do not set preconditions for registration. Although there are no prerequisites, CCNA candidates should understand the exam topics, know some basic IP addressing knowledge and have a good understanding of the basic network knowledge before taking the exam.

Registration of CCNA 2020 certification is not much different from that before the revision. If you want to obtain CCNA certificate, you can come to SPOTO for training and preparation. CCNA certification courses are still very simple to learn. Of course, you can also choose to break through yourself and take the exam of CCNP or CCIE certification, which are of higher value.

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