Are you parenting a dog? You will surely know what challenges occur when the dog is under stress. Every living organism on the planet experiences stress! Similarly, dogs also show signs of stress which are often reflected in their behavior. You might be wondering how dogs get stressed. After all, they don’t have to go to the office nor have exams to clear. Their stress is different from us humans. It could be a result of a perceived threat or discomfort. Have you ever seen your dog reacting weirdly? That is what stress causes them to do! What do you do then? If nothing, then it’s time to ensure that you do something to make your pet feel comfortable. 

Here are a few ways to help reduce canine stress:

Regular Exercise: Have you seen a doctor advising humans to engage in physical activity to be mentally fit? You can simply buy a dog pram and take your dog to the park. The same applies to dogs. Regular exercise can bring the same effects in dogs. Walking, playing, running, and swimming are some activities that you can inculcate. It is a sure-shot way that will surely make your dog happy.

Crate Keeping: Is your dog always roaming in the house? Does it have the habit of being in a crate? You will need to practice this often as the crate makes them feel safe in stressful situations. It creates an illusion that no one can enter its premises, and slowly the stress reduces.

Dog Yoga (Dogya): Dog yoga is into trend currently! Calming and stretching with gentle massage make them feel calm and composed; once you do this twice a week, you will automatically start noticing changes in your four-legged animal.

Use CBD Products: Do you know of de-stress pills or CBD oils that humans take? It calms the mind in a few seconds. Did you know that dogs can have CBD products too? Shocking, right? During stress, CBD products can be given to dogs to calm their impulses. We recommend you buy a variety of CBD products for your furry friend from King Kanine. King Kanine is an online store selling numerous calming products for pets to promote their well-being and health. You will get everything ranging from soothing grooming kits to dog treats that shall provide the best possible care to your furry baby. Their products are absolutely safe and can be given to dogs without any worry of it affecting their health. Trust us, CBD is the easiest way to calm your dog down! For more, you can take a look at

Calming Music: Imagine listening to calming music in times of stress. How does it feel? It makes one feel safe, secure, and calm. A similar effect will be observed in dogs when provided with calming music in moments of stress. It is the best way to distract them, especially when you are occupied with some work.

Swaddle Them: Swaddling gives a sense of protection to animals. You will also see this in newborn babies. Wrap your dog in a blanket and pat its back. Eventually, you will see them calm down. It comforts them tremendously and reduces their overall stress. 

Desensitize Them: If your dog is afraid of taking vaccinations and shows signs of stress at the vet’s clinic, you can desensitize your dog. Pretend to play with them or leave them in a reliable daycare for probably an hour where they know how to calm down in such situations. This desensitization will indeed be effective!

The most essential factor in calming a dog is your attitude. Firstly, you should be patient to calm an animal. Treat it with love and care, as strictness will give you negative results. Avoid the use of sedatives as they will harm your pet’s health. We know you love your dog, and it gets tough to handle them at times. But remember, they only have you!