Lawns add value to a property and create a green, sustainable space. As much as it looks aesthetic, maintaining a lawn is equally challenging. The excruciating heat of the summer, topped with humidity and dryness, takes a toll on the grass, plants, and overall garden. Summer heat often leads to brown lawn due to drying of the grass if it is not adequately watered and sprinkled with nutrients.

Maintaining the lawn during summers is stressful, but it’s is not impossible. Warm weather causes the browning of the grass. Are you trying to take the challenge and maintain a green lawn? Here are some great tips:

Sprinkle the grass with organic manure

It is highly recommended to sprinkle organic manure that promotes grass growth. The garden cover crop seeds mixture is a form of green manure with a combination of different seeds like buckwheat, Australian winter peas, and beardless barley. The seeds serve as an organic manure for the grass. It increases the nitrogen content of the soil and improves soil fertility. This promotes the growth of greener grass that prevents soil erosion. Use a slow-release fertilizer as it helps in providing a consistent source of nutrients.

Adequate watering of the lawn

One of the biggest blunders people make during summers is forgetting to water their lawn. Grass requires water for healthy growth. On watering the grass, the roots and soil absorb water preventing it from becoming extremely dry, dehydrated, and brown. Water the lawn once during peak summers to avoid dryness. However, be careful not to overwater the lawn as it might lead to water logging and root decay.

  • During dry summers, it is recommended to water the lawn effectively. It helps in preventing dormancy and helps the grass to develop deep roots. Either water daily in moderation or deeply three to four times per week.
  • Prefer to water the lawn early morning as it reduces water evaporation and increases better water absorption by the turf. Avoid watering the grass at night as it might cause dampness and water clogging.
  • Pay attention to situations like water puddling as it indicates the grass is not properly absorbing water. Use a water sprinkler rather than a pipe for watering the plants. Also, use normal tap water rather than hot water as it might damage the grass.

Periodic mowing of the lawn

Mowing the grass is necessary to promote the healthy growth. Always mow the grass when it has reached an adequate size. If the grass is too short or too long, it’s detrimental to the grass. If you mow the grass when it too short, it might damage the roots. Mow the lawn before the grass is too long to keep the lawn in perfect condition.

Spread insecticide to keep off insects and pests

Warmer months bring a lot of insects and pests to the lawn uncomfortable, damaging not only the grass and plants. Sprinkling some non-toxic insecticide or fumigation is an excellent way to keep the insects off the grass.

Keep off the weed

Weeds are the worst enemy and compete with water and nutrition with the grass. Remove the weeds early on from the lawn to promote uncontrolled grass growth. Check the lawn and use a weeding fork to pull out the weed. However, you might have to use weed killer for uncontrolled weed growth.

Summing up
Maintaining a healthy lawn during summers is quite the task. However, the perfect lawn goal for summers can be easily achieved with adequate watering, use of grass cover manure, and elimination of weeds. Try the above tips and enjoy spending time on your lawn.