No matter how much free time we have, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when our kids are sat at home bored, and this can sometimes leave us feeling like bad parents. The key thing to remember, though, is that you’re not alone – keeping kids entertained is a full time job! In this article, we’ll give you three great ideas for keeping your kids entertained and free up some time to focus on you. 

Encourage ‘Good-Device’ Time

Kids spending time on mobile or tablet devices can often get a bad rep – some people think that sitting on a tablet is detrimental to a kid’s growth. However, there is evidence that tablet and mobile device use can actually be a good thing for kids, especially throughout their educational development. Tablets can not only be used for entertainment purposes, with child-friendly apps being available from app stores across different operating systems, but also for education. More and more schools are turning to tablets for kids to complete homework and access further material, so these devices offer a world of opportunity for your child’s learning. offer a huge range of child-friendly, affordable tablets for kids that take durability, security and suitability into consideration, so there’s no better time to upgrade your kids’ devices and encourage ‘good-device’ time!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt  

A scavenger hunt is one of the most effective ways to keep your kids entertained in a fun and interactive way. Either create a list of items, or if they have a tablet with a camera, use that to take pictures of the items they need to find around the house. Once they’ve found each item, they can win a prize, and you can even leave smaller prizes or treats behind or next to each item on the scavenger hunt. This will keep their motivation and enjoyment high, while allowing you to get some much needed peace and quiet! There are also some great ideas for outside scavenger hunts, so if you have access to a garden or outdoor space, this is a fantastic alternative! 

Make a Time Capsule 

Another great way to keep your kids entertained at home is to make a time capsule. Not only will this give your kids an exciting task, it will also allow you to store memories of your kids during this time to look back on in the future. We all know kids grow up to fast, but with a time capsule you can treasure these memories in an accessible way. Once you’ve picked where you can hide your capsule, and what to include, there are plenty of different ideas online about how to make one to store family photos, items and trinkets from this time in your family’s lives. 

When it comes to top tips on keeping kids entertained, it’s great to keep them busy and active doing something they enjoy, but equally there is no shame in letting your kids learn more about the world around them by using a tablet designed especially for their educational and entertainment needs. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your kids is take time for yourself, recharge, and you can parent as a happy, healthier you!