Some people consider auto insurance as an unjustified expense. However, the purpose of insurance is good, and it can be a lifesaver as no one plans for some occurrence. Auto insurance can protect you from financial loss due to property damage or injury should there be an accident, natural disaster or auto theft. 

However, one need not burn a hole in their pocket to get car insurance. In fact, many turn to Freeway Insurance for cheap car insurance. Since there is no monopoly on car insurance companies, you can search online for the best auto insurance quote in Ontario that fit your financial profile. This comes down to comparing quotes, looking for deals that are best for you, and taking advantage of promos and discounts. 

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This article will explore proven ways to get the best deal on auto insurance.

Compare Quotes at an Auto Insurance Comparison Website 

Shopping around is the best bet if you need a good deal on your auto insurance. While huge auto insurance firms like Allstate and Geico exist, don’t stop there. Explore growing insurers as they might be your ticket to good deals. 

You can access resources online that can help you compare insurance coverage and compare auto insurers. Also, car insurance agents might be handy in helping you review various insurance options. Not only that, you can get government car insurance for low-income people if you qualify.  

Do not Forget Ratings From Third parties

While going for the cheapest car insurance might be smart, consider other factors before deciding. Researching the company is a good idea because you wouldn’t want surprises down the line. Without any doubt, an affordable premium is pretty important but should not be the sole deciding factor. 

An insurance provider whose service is quick and efficient can make your life much easier should you need to file a claim. The rating of such providers is the only way to know the nature of such services. There are review sites online that provide ratings for various businesses.

Drive Safely

Traffic violations, speeding tickets, accidents and others can increase your car insurance premium. Anyone who gets a ticket might get the chance of going to a traffic school for such a ticket to be dismissed. Also, one might get the opportunity to reduce the number of violation points that might appear on your driving record. 

Paying the price to keep the violation off your driving record can reduce your car insurance up to around $400 for each year. 

Boost Your Credit 

Your credit plays a huge role in estimating how many insurance companies bill you. In some cases, it carries more weight compared to your driving records. 

However, insurers cannot use credit when setting their rates for states like Hawaii, Michigan, California, and Massachusetts. Consider boosting your credit to get good deals on your car insurance for people from other states. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Promptly pay all your loan and credit card 
  • Ensure your credit balance is below your credit limit
  • Only open new accounts if you need to. Excessive credit applications might hurt your score. 

Consider Going for a Defensive Driving Course 

At times, insurance companies might give you a discount if you complete a defensive driving course that is approved. Also, taking such courses (accident prevention, defensive driving and others) might reduce the number of points on people’s licenses.

Before signing for a class, discuss with your insurance agent about the discount. This will ensure that your effort into the course translates to savings for your insurance. The driver needs to sign up for the accredited course.

Different states have rules on accredited defensive driving courses, so watch out.

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Consider Using Mass Transit

On signing for insurance, you will likely be faced with a questionnaire. Part of the question might be the number of miles you drive your insured car every year. 

People who use their vehicle to commute three to four hours every day will have higher insurance premiums than someone who drives a single mile each day. This makes It important to consider using mass transit to reduce your miles. Don’t forget that your mileage needs to be small for you to qualify for a discount. 

Ensure you know the various mileage threshold the company offers to avoid wasting your effort. 

What are the Liability Coverage Limits?

There are three coverage types based on liability insurance:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage 
  • Property damage liability insurance

Various states have liability insurance with various minimum coverage requirements. However, one can select more coverage at a cost. Generally, the higher the coverage limit, the more you will pay in auto insurance rate.

However, before taking care of your state’s minimum coverage requirement, take note of the assets you have, like home, investments and savings. Such assets might be put at risk if you cause an accident that causes property or medical damage, which could be more your coverage. 

As a result, it makes sense to select coverage limits that reflect your combined asset’s value. 

Install Anti-Theft Devices for Discounts 

You can significantly reduce your annual car insurance premium by installing anti-theft devices. GEICO is a giant insurance brand that can give up to 25% potential savings for people with anti-theft installed in their vehicle. 

However, your insurance firm will let you know the specific devices that can bring down your premiums. Consider inquiring about car alarms as they have the potential to reduce your premium.

For people whose main reason for getting and installing such a device is to reduce their insurance bill, try and know if the cost of adding such a device will trigger enough savings that correspond to the expense.  

Consider Usage-Based Car Insurance 

Another way to get affordable car insurance is to try a usage-based discount. There could be discounts on your insurance rate for people who drive low miles compared to the limit from their carrier. People driving less than 10,000 miles per year might qualify.

Remote workers who do not go out often and doesn’t use their vehicles often compared to other drivers will enjoy such discounts. It is a good idea for people who carpool.