Whether you’re a solo cleaner or a business with a team of house cleaners, checklists help you perform quality cleanings every time.

Start the internal home with a high dusting of light fixtures, slatted blinds, picture frames, and other surfaces that tend to collect dust.

Next, mop floors and clean baseboards, remembering to rinse your mop after each room to avoid transferring dirt from one room to another.

Vacuum the Floors

The first step in a thorough cleaning is to sweep and vacuum the floors. Mock says this gets large dust particles off the floor, making it easier to mop without stirring up much more dirt into the air.

Before your cleaner arrives, it’s a good idea to clear the clutter and clean the counters, and any items that might be on the shelf or in the rooms’ corners should be cleaned. These tasks can shave valuable time off the cleaning process.

If you’re looking for a new house cleaner, it’s a good idea to interview potential candidates in person to understand their skills and pricing. It’s also helpful to ask likely cleaners about their liability insurance. If they’re hesitant to share this information, this is likely a red flag.

Clean the Windows

Dirty windows detract from the curb appeal of any home and make it seem drab. Cleaning your windows professionally at least twice a year is a good idea.

A professional residential cleaning service will not use caustic chemicals, ammonia, or benzene to clean your windows. Instead, they will utilize green window cleaners that are safe for everyone in your household.

Green window cleaners also remove dirt without damaging your glass or squeegee. They will leave your windows sparkling clean and free from smears and streaks.

They can also spot potential issues, such as clogged channels or painted sashes, that could prevent your windows from opening and closing properly. Long-term, you might save a lot of money by doing this. They can also look for damaged seals, which could result in more significant energy costs and uncomfortable conditions inside your house.

Wash the Bathroom

If you have a dog or cat with deep territorial instincts, kennel them or put them in a room during your cleaning service. They can quickly get in the way, make noise, or cause problems for your cleaners as they work.

If you have clutter on kitchen or bathroom counters, a messy table, or piles of clothes and shoes scattered throughout the living area, it is essential to clear away these items. Cleaners are not typically instructed to organize personal items; if it takes too long, they will likely skip that portion of the home. By clearing away clutter, you can give your cleaning service the most bang for their buck. You will also save time because you will have less to do when they return to your home!

Clean the Kitchen

Kitchens require frequent cleaning to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. A dirty kitchen can cause foodborne illnesses and other health problems for the entire household.

A clean kitchen can also extend the life of your appliances. Garbage disposals, ovens, and microwaves work better when debris and grime are free.

It’s essential to wipe down all kitchen surfaces daily, including countertops, stovetops, and tables. Be sure to wash and launder your dish towels regularly too.

Be sure to empty trash cans and replace all bags. Clutter makes it hard for cleaners to get through a home efficiently. So, make things easier for them by picking up the mess before they arrive. Also, put away dishes, supplies, and cleaning clothes that should be put on the counters or tables.

Clean the Bedroom

If you trust a professional cleaning service for your bedroom, it must be tidy and free from clutter. Studies show that people sleeping in messy beds struggle with anxiety and restlessness. A clean and organized room helps you sleep more, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Grab a feather duster, spray it with a gentle all-purpose cleaner, and dust those high surfaces, like nightstands, picture frames, and knick-knacks. A microfiber cloth makes quick work of eliminating fingerprints and smudges on coffee tables and bookshelves. Don’t forget to fold throw blankets, fluff pillows, and straighten decorative items. These are all small things that can make a big difference for guests who stay in your home.