Thanks to digitalization, many processes in human life have been simplified today. There is no need to visit a bank branch anymore – all financial transactions are carried out in a smartphone. In general, gadgets have occupied a huge layer in the world order of an individual: you work at a computer, you study there, you get the necessary information from the Internet and even make purchases online. True, to implement the latter service, a special financial instrument is needed, namely a virtual prepaid mastercard. Thanks to its extensive functionality, it can compete with its plastic counterparts and possibly win. WeststeinUK service experts told how to get a prepaid card with an online account in just a couple of clicks, and most importantly – completely free.

Prepaid bank card: what the consumer needs to know?

Before ordering a virtual Mastercard, let’s take a closer look at the list of its advantages and disadvantages, because this may directly affect further use. Among the advantages of a prepaid card:

anonymity – the card is not tied to the holder’s main bank account, so the risk of “leaving” personal data when shopping is minimal;
versatility – a virtual debit card is suitable for use not only on the network, but also in physical stores, just add it to your Apple e-wallet or Google Pay;
comfort – the WeststeinUK prepaid card is an indispensable assistant when traveling, especially considering the fact that it is unsafe and inconvenient to travel with cash;
international recognition — the Mastercard payment system is accepted in European countries and the USA;
security – since the card does not have a physical embodiment, it cannot be lost or broken, which guarantees the minimum risk of force majeure situations.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the lack of a credit share, but this is a subjective point. Some consumers are even happy with the fact that they can’t spend more than they should.

To issue and receive a card from the WeststeinUK service, you must fill out the registration form on the website. After the consumer has submitted personal information to our competent staff for review, his data is verified and the decision to issue the card is approved. The physical card arrives at the specified address after a few days.