Along with a plastic prepaid card, WestStein service customers can issue a virtual card, which today is in no way inferior to its real counterpart. Note that the design of a virtual card, recommendations from experts are proposed below in the article, takes a minimum amount of time and does not require the collection of documents. It is enough for the client to register and verify on our website – immediately after that, he will be able to enter his personal account and digital card.

The WestStein virtual card is a universal financial instrument that can be used not only online, but also in real stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. To do this, it should be linked to electronic wallets like Google, Apple, Samsung Pay. The virtual mastercard also works great as a payout card, especially if you receive wages in the international currency euro. A free virtual debit card is indispensable when traveling when taking a lot of cash with you is unsafe and impractical.

Virtual card: registration on the WestStein website

An instant virtual debit card is free of charge available for registration to each of our clients. When registering, it is enough to enter the name, address of residence, e-mail, as well as a contact mobile phone number. It is on these data that verification will be carried out. When the information is verified, the customer can start using their card.

A free virtual card online has a major advantage over any plastic one: since it is not presented in the form of a real object, it cannot be damaged or lost. Of course, a person can lose a gadget where there is access to a personal account, but most likely the attackers will not get the funds, since they will not be able to find out the personal password from the device and Internet banking. In addition, no one will be able to take possession of the card details (number, expiration date, CVV2 / CVC2 codes and the name of the holder), because it is not the card that is brought to the terminal, but the smartphone.

The virtual prepaid card, which can be issued today, has the main purpose – the implementation of safe and fast payments on the Internet. By shopping online, you minimize the risk of sharing your personal information. If information is leaked, the card can be instantly blocked in the mobile application and the funds transferred to another account.