It’s been said that sitting on your tailbone could be very painful. But, is this real? Do chairs that help with tailbone pain more than just an office trick?

Answer: Yes! Chairs that have cushioning or contours are best office chair for tailbone pain.

You might have felt this type of pain before and you can think of the last time you sat and felt an intense pain in the area of the tailbone.

It might not go away after a couple of minutes or so, and perhaps it caused you to stay up all night due to its severity.

Chairs to treat coccyx pain are on the market however, how do you determine which one is best for you?

What’s the first thing that’s causing you backbone pain this time? Are you feeling it after a long drive or when you sit on a hard floor for too long?

To help you determine the best chair for your particular situation, take a look at this section of FAQ.


When your tailbone hurts, which chair should you use?

If you’re experiencing pain in your tailbone the first thing to do is purchase the right chair. The most effective choices are chairs with a back that is high and lumbar support. Also, they should include a control to alter the seat height and.

Try to find an office chair with high-density padding at the bottom and back. It is recommended to choose an office chair with a cut-out coccyx It’s a great option!

What Causes My Chair to Hurt My Tailbone?

Pain in the tailbone can be the result of sitting in sluggish chairs for too long. The pressure that is put on your tailbone when sitting in a chair that is not designed properly could result in coccyx pain within a short period of usage.

What is the best way to sit with a broken tailbone?

To be seated comfortably you should lean forward and put your weight in the seat’s front. Make sure there’s plenty of high-density padding on the bottom, back, and beneath your thighs and the knees behind you.

It’s also important to break up your day, particularly when you’re sitting for prolonged durations of time. If you’re able you can get up and move around every 30 minutes or more. Do as much walking as you can throughout the day even if it’s just one minute walk.

Which Chair is Best for Tailbone Pain?

Chairs with low seats are ideal for relieving back pain. For ease, a chair that has a coccyx cut out will get the job accomplished. The kneeling option that can support your sitting position is an alternative.

How Effective Are Chairs for Tailbone Pain?

Yes, there are a variety of chairs available which can ease the pain of your tailbone while working. Be sure to choose an ergonomic chair and has back support and cushioning. It is recommended that you also consider the use of a gel or cushioned seat cover.


As you will see, the ideal chair for your office to ease back pain can change your life by alleviating the pain that you feel when sitting.

It is vital to locate the ideal chair that will suit your needs to relieve this discomfort once and for all.

If you are choosing an office chair, make sure you choose a chair with additional cushioning and a curved seat.

If you take into account your particular pain scenario then you can pick one of the top chairs for coccyx pain that are listed above to relieve any tailbone discomfort.