When paid ads are known to have a 200% ROI, it’s no surprise that you’re interested in starting a campaign. However, it takes work to get to that kind of return on your money. If you want to find success with PPC, you’ll need to learn how to do it right.

Luckily, some common mistakes with PPC marketing are easy to avoid. Keep reading to learn five mistakes you can avoid to make the most of your PPC marketing strategy.

1. Not Targeting Website Visitors

You don’t only have one chance to reach potential customers. When someone clicks on an ad and lands on your website, you can track that they showed an interest.

These tracking scripts are called retargeting pixels, and they allow you to create ads targeting past visitors. Since these people already showed an interest, they’ll be more likely to buy and will cost less of your PPC campaign budget.

2. Using Complex Ad Copy

Even if you have a complex product offering, people need to know what you’re selling if you want them to respond to your ads. Unfortunately, some companies don’t go this route and use complicated language in their ads. When this happens, people don’t understand what they’re looking at and ignore your marketing.

Keep things simple in your PPC campaign. Everyone should easily understand what you offer and not have to look up terms to figure things out.

3. Ignoring the Quality Score

Google assigns a score to your ad based on the work you do, and it takes both your PPC ad and your landing page into account. If you don’t have a great score, your ad won’t be as effective.

Ensure you monitor your quality score and do everything you can to keep it high. When you do, you’ll create PPC campaigns that will stay effective for a more extended period.

4. Not Targeting Your Messaging

Some companies want to make the most of their ad dollars and try to reach as many people as possible. The problem is that your product probably doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you go this route, the chances are good that you’ll waste your money.

You need to create audience personas and write ads that target those groups of people. Doing this will help you hone your messaging to resonate with your most likely customers. Click here for more information about marketing to specific industries.

5. Not Collecting Data

The chances are good that your initial ads won’t produce any profit. You don’t have enough data about what marketing content works, so you’ll make educated guesses in the beginning. The question is, how do you optimize your ads to start making money?

You do this with data. Tracking scripts will tell you which ads are effective and which ones need work. They’ll also help you perform small tests to continue optimizing everything.

Ensure you have tracking scripts set up to collect data and optimize your PPC campaigns.

There Are More Mistakes With PPC Marketing You Can Make

While the mistakes with PPC marketing above are a great starting point for what to avoid, there are more mistakes out there. Keep learning how to grow your marketing campaigns while avoiding some of the most common mistakes. You’ll optimize your marketing more quickly and start profiting from your ads when you do. Once you get your PPC ads up and running, you can start learning more about marketing businesses online. Check out the blog to read about the other marketing methods out there.