Everybody tends to increase their interest about politics following a certain age, but people have different options. Are you interested in politics? Are you a fan of some Canadian politicians? If so, this article can help to learn more about the politicians. People who reside in Canada ,and the United States are going to read the latest personal stories concerning Jagmeet Singh.

In the following article we offer facts on How old is Jagmeet Singh’s wife.

Who is Jagmeet Singh?

  • Jagmeet Singh Jimmy Dhaliwal often referred to as Jagmeet Singh is a Canadian politician. Jagmeet Singh was born in Ontario on January 2, 1979. His parents were Indian in the form of Harmeet Kaur, and Jagtaran Singh.
  • Jagmeet Singh attended school in Detroit Country Day School in Michigan. Then he completed a B.Sc in Biology in 2001 at Western Ontario. He was also enrolled into Bachelor of Laws in 2005 which is when the decision was made to enter politics.

How Old Is Jagmeet Singh Wife ?

  • Jagmeet Singh got married to Gurkian Kaur Sidhu on February 22, 2018. The wedding took place on April 6th, 1990 Guardian Kaur was born in Canada. She is currently 31 years old, and is an Canadian through nationality.
  • Elle is an fashion stylist and co-founder of an Punjabi clothing brand called Janeiro.
  • In terms of her social media presence she’s active on Instagram and has many followers being inspired by her.
  • In August 2021 the couple announced they would be expecting their first child in January 2022.

How did it become popular?

In addition to What age Jagmeet Singh’s wife is, there’s new information that says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh as well as Gurkian Kaur have become parents and welcomed a new baby girl on the 3rd of January 2022. The leader also declared his child his birthday present, since the day he turned 43, he was born on the 2nd of January.

About the professional career from Jagmeet Singh

  • Jagmeet Singh was a political figure who gained reasons when he was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2011, in which he was the representative for Bramalea.
  • Jagmeet Singh is most well-known for his leadership role within the New Democratic Party from 2017. But, he also made the news for how old is Jagmeet Singh’s Wife.
  • He also has been an MP from 2019 in the constituency of Burnaby South.

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Final Verdict

Although there are many more accomplishments that deserve to be celebrated within the lives of Jagmeet Singh and Gurkian Kaur, right now they have been blessed with a sweet baby girl who requires blessings from everyone.

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