Wedding planning is a challenging yet exciting process, with the budget being a significant issue. But, before all that, you will need to focus on the most critical aspect- how much money should you spend on a wedding ring set?

The answer is relatively simple: spend only what you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, only some individuals know how much that should be and which wedding rings will offer them a decent deal. The price of the wedding ring set also depends on whether it is a more traditional style or a modern and chic one.

Significance Of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings represent everlasting love and devotion in a relationship. This symbol of love is given to two people on their wedding day and worn to show the world they are married. The exchange of wedding rings represents eternal love. The physical representation of an inner and spiritual bond joins two hearts in endless love. Some people consider the wedding ring a unique token of the couple’s undying love for one another throughout their lives. Other newlyweds compare the act of exchanging wedding rings to other key traditions, such as the bouquet toss and cake cutting.

How Much Money To Spend On A Wedding Ring Set?

The amount you spend on a wedding ring set is a personal choice that should reflect your values. It is crucial to evaluate the average wedding ring price. Earlier, a wedding ring used to cost three months’ income, but that price has dropped dramatically in recent years, and many affordable wedding ring sets are available in the market. Many customers now adhere to the customary rule and spend one month’s salary for the wedding band, and for the engagement ring, they spend three months’ salary. This is a fairly standard price impression that makes sense to many individuals. 

However, this is an outdated way of looking at a price point because it does not account for inflation or market-driven price adjustments. Finally, knowing your ring set budget is the most excellent method to determine how much to spend on a wedding or engagement ring. There is no need to go into debt when various ring designs, sizes, and complexity alternatives suit every ring’s budget.

What Should Be The Cost Of A Wedding Ring Set?

Wedding bands can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000 or even more. However, you can buy inexpensive wedding bands, cheap matching wedding bands, or even highly alluring and elegant wedding diamond bands. It’s all about your choice and budget. The price of a wedding ring is governed by several criteria, including the set design, the metal used, the number of diamonds, the carat weight, and the place of purchase. They are also all working to influence your decision on the perfect ring. When selecting the ideal marriage ring for your loved one, it is critical to conduct extensive research.

Few Considerations When Buying A Wedding Ring Set

When you buy a wedding ring set, there are certain things which you need to consider-

Is a wedding ring durable?

Durability is a crucial aspect when choosing a wedding ring. Wedding bands are worn daily, becoming as much a part of your hand as your thumbs and fingers. As a result, you should get wedding rings that will last a long time, as they will be subjected to activities such as housework, gardening, DIY, outdoor sports, and a variety of other things that could tarnish them over time.

Is the style you are choosing worth it?

The traditional wedding ring is a more wide gold band that symbolizes marriage’s eternal essence. However, as time goes on, an increasing number of couples are opting for wedding rings that are a little more unique and more suited to who they are as a couple. Perhaps the design means something to them, or the metal choice is linked to a specific life event. Some wedding rings have now wholly deviated from the classic style and design. However, some styles combine the best of both worlds, bringing together what makes classic designs timeless and what distinguishes modern fashions.

Pairing wedding band and engagement ring

Buying matching wedding and engagement rings can make for a visually stunning pair, especially if you want to create a compelling visual saga. Many different rings can be coupled, as using the same metal will usually result in a well-matched set. While engagement rings represent the promise of marriage, wedding rings represent the completion of that vow. Therefore, nothing is more powerful than these when designed and styled as a pair.

Plan your overall wedding budget

Your wedding budget specifies the amount you can spend on a wedding ring set. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as typical pricing for wedding bands. About 3%-5% of a couple’s overall expenditure is vested in wedding rings.

If you plan to spend less on music is acceptable if you set aside 5% of your budget for rings. Each couple must decide how to distribute their wedding funds. You and your partner should discuss how much of your wedding budget you can dedicate to rings. There are numerous factors to consider while creating a budget, including loans, spending money, and savings. 

As you begin this journey together, you must unite to establish how much you should spend on wedding bands. Working together will result in the ideal ring budget. Choose and finalize a figure that jointly satisfies both.


Finally, the most crucial aspect of your wedding ring purchase is that it symbolizes your love story and the future you are making with your special someone. Celebrating your love and commitment is more important than the ring size, kind of metal, or brand.So, if you are looking for something with matched style features or something that symbolizes each of you individually, the first step is to start looking. Why not begin today? Explore the stunning collection of bridal wedding ring sets at Dazzling Rock to broaden your wedding ring horizons.