If you’d love to transform your living room into a home office, but hate having to lug your heavy bookshelves around, you need to find better ways for transformation. You need to find more ways to add more light without sacrificing any space. This is where floor lamps can come in handy and give you what you want. 

They’re easy to install and change out when you want to refresh your look or need more light in the evenings. But not all floor lamps are equal, some are cheaply made and lack the style that you want for your space; others are just plain ugly. You need to choose inspiring designs for living room modern LED floor lamp

They need to fit seamlessly with your decor but also provide ample illumination. Here are a few ideas that you need to look at when it comes to trending designs for living room modern LED lamps. 

1. Gallery Odeon Floor Lamp

The Gallery Odeon Floor Lamp is made of metal and acrylic. It has an adjustable height, so you can adjust it to the perfect height for your living room or bedside table. It comes in white, black, red, yellow and orange color options and includes a lampshade that’s removable when you want to change up the look of your room. 

This floor lamp also comes with a dimmer switch so that you can control how bright or dim this floor lamp should be depending on the time of day it is being used in your home. It is one of the best options you can think of when going to buy living room furniture online. 

2. Yves Tripod Floor Lamp

You can buy floor lamp in a variety of colors, but it’s usually made from the same materials. The lamp comes with three adjustable legs that allow you to position your floor lamp at an angle that’s right for you.

This lamp is fast becoming a crowd favorite design because it looks great and offers plenty of light without being too bulky or clunky looking. In fact, this particular model comes in at a bargain compared to other styles regardless of where you get it. It is one of the most versatile lights that you can think of to bring style to the room. 

3. Vibia Tribe Suspension Lamp

When you are looking to get a floor lamp this is a very simple and straightforward option to get. It’s made of polypropylene, so it can withstand high temperatures and humidity. The lampshade is available in three different colors: white, black, and red. It also has a touch control on top which allows you to dim the light or turn it off completely at any time.

This design will give your living room or bedroom an industrial vibe that works well with modern décor like concrete floors or wood panels installed on walls. If you want something more traditional but still stylishly minimalist yet stylish then this could be perfect.

4. Mater Bowl Pendant

A metal bowl pendant is a great option for those who want to add flair to their living room. They come in different sizes, and can be mounted to the ceiling or wall. The metal bowl has a glass dome that highlights the lighting source underneath it, creating more of an ambient glow than just a bulb would produce.

This lamp comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and big. Each size comes with its own color scheme—though if you’re looking for something unique, there are also options that feature one solid color instead of multiple shades or patterns like these other lamps do! You can choose from white or black finishes and clear glass options if you prefer those over colored ones; all versions have aluminum frames so they’re durable enough for daily use without weighing down too much when hung on walls around your home. 

5. Luceplan Crown Major Pendant Light

A Crown Major pendant light is a stylish way to add light to your living room. It features a glass diffuser and comes in three colors, including white, black, and gold. If you want to use it as a ceiling lamp, simply remove the base and place it on top of your ceiling; if you want more control over how much light comes into the room from this pendant fixture, simply adjust its height using its feet.

The Crown Major has two small knobs located on either side of its middle section that can be used for dimming purposes. Though if you’re looking for something more than just an adjustable brightness level from one side, you need to consider other options. This light is quite versatile and can match with any house theme. 

6. Foscarini Gregg Suspension Ceiling Light

Foscarini Gregg Suspension Ceiling Light is a modern design that features a metal frame and white finish. This modern led floor lamp measures 22.8″ high by 16.1″ in diameter, so it’s perfect for most living rooms or bedrooms. It can be hung from the ceiling or placed on top of your entertainment center, making it easy to find the right spot in any room—and because it’s dimmable, you’ll have plenty of options when deciding how bright you want your lighting to be.

Included with this light are two different bulbs—one 20W E27 standard bulb and another 25W halogen bulb—so if you’re looking for something brighter than what comes included with our other picks above (or if there are multiple people sharing one room), consider adding an extra bulb (or two) when considering this foscarii model!”


There are many ways to transform your living room with these modern floor lamps. You can choose from a variety of styles, materials, and colors. There are also sizes available for each design. If you are looking for a new design for your living room, maybe one of these will fit the bill. Of course, there are plenty more styles out there, but these ones seem to be on top of all the trends right now.