Want to find out more about the weight-loss journey of David Harbour (also known as Jim Hopper)? If so, don’t panic. Don’t waste your time reading this article. In the next article, we’ll discuss David Harbour’s transformation into a healthy person in Stranger Things volume 4, episode 2.

David Harbour is very popular in both the United Statesand United Kingdom due to his work with series. The article How Did Hopper Lose weight will provide all the details.

The Hopper Weight Loss

Hopper’s transformations have shocked his fans. He has previously transformed his body depending on the character he was playing. But, this latest transformation has stunned the public by losing 60 Ibs. Stranger Things volume 4 features Hopper’s stylish, transformed body. During a talk with New York Times, he opened up about his weight loss.

Hopper explained that, because he was in jail in the previous seasons of Stranger Things he had to lose weight so that the effect of the prison can be seen. Continue reading What Did Weight Loss Hopper.

How Much Hopper Has Been Lost

Hopper revealed to the New York Times that his belly was real when he was first sent into prison. He also said that he tried hard to get slimmer and to impress the viewers. Hopper claimed that he felt very hungry during the shoots. But he was able to control his hunger and transform himself.

According to internet sources, Hopper stated that he lost 60 Ibs while shooting. Hopper explained that his fan’s love wasn’t dependent on his body size or shape.

How Did Hopper Drop Weight – Why Is It Trending

Hopper’s weightloss is trending because viewers love Hopper’s character. Stranger Things is where Hopper works; people love it. People are curious to find out about the future seasons. The people are also shocked at the transformation Hopper underwent. Hopper was even told by the assistant director that he would not be able lose weight. But Hopper, 47, proved everyone wrong.

How did David Harbour manage to lose weight? You can read the article to find the answer.


David Harbour, the actor who plays Jim harbour on Netflix’s Stranger Things, has transformed from a bulky body into a slim, amazing-looking body. David Harbour, 47, is a kind and generous person. He shocked everyone with his body transformation in season 4, volume 2.

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