Are you in search of electronic devices and appliances for your home with more than 90% off? Are you interested in placing an order from Canada to purchase mobile phone that are available at a significant discount? Are you in search of no-cost shipping and international delivery? In your search for the items you need Did you stumble across

The provides attractive products. However, have you considered the reason why these huge discounts are available? Let’s look at Gurlgo Review to determine whether it’s a real site.


Its web site is a new site that uses its brand’s name to promote Best Buy. Best Buy is a brand that has its own website. Best Buy brand has its own website, but it doesn’t allow to use its brand name.

The stated that they aim to provide top high-quality products and services at affordable rates. However, further investigation shows that the information on was copied from

This sells 78 electronic appliances and electronic items that fall into the following categories:

  1. Phone
  2. LapTops
  3. TV
  4. Video Games
  5. Appliances
  6. Watch
  7. Earphone
  8. Accessories
  9. Guitar


  • Buy electronic appliances on:
  • social media links:Links can be verified examine whether Gurlgo legit?Links included for FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as well as YouTube on however, the these links aren’t working.
  • Cost:Starts from $69.00
  • Address Physical:not mentioned on
  • reviews and Blogs: blogging is not provided by however, customer reviews are included.
  • Terms and Conditions found on but copied from elsewhere.
  • Policy on Privacy: it is mentioned on but copied from elsewhere.
  • phone (or) WhatsApp phone numbernot offered by
  • store does not include the addresses of physical stores.
  • delivery policy:timeline of delivery has not been specified.
  • Shipping policy:there is a processing time of one day and electronic equipment is shipped via ePacket, USPS, DHL, EMS.
  • tracking: did not give any information about tracking.
  • Gurlgo Review about Return Policies:The electronic and electrical appliances are able to be exchanged within seven working days.
  • cancellation policy:not stated on
  • Refund Policies: The refund timeline and method is not listed on The shipping and tax are not refundable.
  • Address for
  • Modal for Paymentin 21 currencies through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, MastroCard and Amex.
  • NewslettersUsers may sign-up to receive newsletters through signing up their email addresses at
  • Owner’s information: Bai Guangyao is the owner of the property.


  • Electronics are available at a greater than 90% off on
  • The user-friendly design of the website of

Cons to look for is Gurlgo Legit :

  • Inadequate information regarding refunds and returns as well as the timeline for delivery on
  • The customer service is not easy to reach. service because the physical address and phone number are not listed.
  • The has a very short lifespan since it was registered for only one year
  • The has a high risk score, which could compromise your personal information and financial information. It isn’t safe for the security of your device.

Is Legit?

  • Created 10th January 2022, 06:17:02.
  • The last update was in:10th January 2022 at 06:41:56.
  • Expiry date:within next ten years and 14 days starting on 10th January 2023, at 06:17:02.
  • Gurlgo reviews on their website Age: one month and 16 days old.
  • Trust Index: has a low trust score of 11 percent.
  • Origin of the site: high-risk country China is the main country for
  • Situation of Blacklisting is not blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27/100.
  • Threat Profile:53/100.
  • Phishing Score: 35/100.
  • Malware Score:53/100.
  • Spam Score:0/100.
  • Connection transmits data through an acceptable HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact Person:not specified by
  • Social Relations: is not listed in any of the social media platform.
  • Owner’s contactnumber:the contact number for Bai Guangyao’s office is +8601052326621 and the email address is

Customers Gurlgo Reviews:

One YouTube review as well as seven web reviews on suggests that it’s possibly a fraud. There is a Alexa ranking for is 4,963,111. This is considered low.

All reviews of products published on have been positive, and have been rated higher than 4.5/5 stars. Thus, reviews posted on are not genuine.

No reviews from customers are available on the internet or social media. Because accepts PayPal payment, we recommend studying more about PayPal Rackets for more information about PayPal Racketsto stay away from being scammed.


Its website is an Scam. The information on the site is copied from It is a high-risk nation, China. It has a low Trust Index and a poor Alexa ranking. Gurlgo reviews determined its high risk profile and suspicion. The acknowledgement from the customer for the order wasn’t found.

As accepts CreditCard payments We ask you to take a look at Credit Card Rackets to avoid beware of frauds.

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