Did you know that the United Kingdom gumtree scam originated? The scam spread quickly in many parts of the globe, including Australia, Africa and Scotland. Do you want to learn more about the gumtree fraud?

Let’s look at how scammers use gumtree to steal funds from innocent customers’ accounts in phishing scams. Learn how to avoid the Gumtree delivery scam.

Gumtree scam:

Transactions are between buyer and seller. The buyer pays the gumtree payment link, and the seller shares the money. To receive funds to their bank account, the seller can access the link. After the payment transaction has been completed, gumtree will arrange carrier service within three business days to pick up product at the seller’s place.

Gumtree scams are designed to gain trust by the sellers posting messages claiming that the buyer has made the payment. The seller becomes a convenience to the buyer and is then trapped.

How does Gumtree delivery scam function?

Gumtree, a third-party marketplace that connects buyers and sellers worldwide, is called a Gumtree. The website allows individuals to post their products. Independent buyers review the product and make an offer to buy.

Gumtree website uses different domain URLs depending on where it is located. In the UK, gumtree.com is the gumtree.com website, while in Africa it is gumtree.co.za and in Australia it is Gumtree.com.au.

The scammers took advantage of URL variations and created copycat URLs such as https://payment-gumtree.com. The scammers reached out to the sellers via Whatsapp, telling them they had paid (a Gumtree delivery scam) and that the seller could get funds by clicking the website link.

You will need to provide your card details for the link in Whatsapp. Instead of receiving money, the seller makes payments to the scammers from their account.

Avoiding scams involving gumtrees:

Gumtree advised its users not to click on the link in the Whatsapp messaging and not to enter any bank or card details via such fraudulent URLs.

To report the Gumtree delivery scam messages in Scotland, users can call (0808)164-6000 To report a loss of money to the Scotland police department, users can dial 101.

UK users can find out more information at help.gumtree.com about how to avoid scams involving gumtree. Additionally, they can report it to NFCCRC at https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing or call them at 0(300)123-2040.


Gumtree doesn’t offer pickup or delivery services. Gumtree coordinates pickups with their carrier partners, parcel2go. It is generally safe to give bank account information and card details on the gumtree app and website. You should verify that you are entering your details on the official gumtree site.