This article Gst Certificate 2022 Singapore contains all information about eligibility, how and when recipients will be able to receive the GST voucher cash.

What is the eligibility for Singapore GST voucher 2022 What is the number of Singaporeans who will receive a Gst voucher in 2018? Budget 2022 was announced by Singapore. The government changed some criteria in order to include more Singaporeans. For more information on the eligibility criteria, changes to GST voucher 2022 Singapore and other updates, please read Gst Code 2022 Singapore .

Latest updates

  • In budget 2022, Singapore’s government proposed an enhancement to the Permanent Voucher Scheme to continue helping to cover GST expenditures for Singaporeans with lower and middle incomes. This scheme is above the transitional assistance covered by the GST assurance package.
  • Official sources claim that 15,00,000. Singaporeans who are eligible will be able to take advantage of the GST voucher system 2022 (latest update 22 Jun) and will be eligible to receive $300 cash under the GST voucher plan.

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Gst voucher Eligibility 2022

To obtain Singapore GST Voucher cash, you must comply with the following standards:

  • Singapore residents who are residing in Singapore should be required to apply.
  • As of 2022, you should be 21 years or older
  • Your income earnings should not exceed 34,000 dollars

NOTE) The GSTV Scheme Enhancement raises the assessable Income from $28,000 up to $34,000 to help more Singaporeans.

  • You shouldn’t own more than one property.
  • Your house should have a value not exceeding $21,000 annually.
  • Continue reading for more information about the GST cash voucher enhancement 2022, and when it will arrive at recipients.

Gst Voucher 2022 Singapore

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  • Beneficiaries will be benefited by changes in the GST voucher scheme. First, GST voucher cash recipients will get $100 more in 2022 than the current rate. The government also announced a $100 increase in the payout for citizens whose homes have an assessed value of $13,000 or less. Second, GST vouchers can be received by recipients whose assessed income is below $34,000 (previously, it was $28000).
  • In which month will recipients be able to receive GST Voucher 2022 Singapore The sources say that recipients will be notified in August 2022 of their GST voucher cash if they signed up for the prior 2021 GST voucher. The recipients who are eligible this year, but have not signed-up for the previous GST voucher, will be notified in August 2022 to receive their GST cash voucher.


We informed our readers about eligibility for GST voucher 2002. We have also discussed enhancements and minor changes in the GST coupon 2022. To that we also discussed when recipients will be able receive the GST cash voucher. For more details

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