Is Legal ? This post contains all the information necessary to verify the legitimacy of the website.

Are you looking for career guidance? What kind of work can a freelancer do for extra income? You have probably never heard of Is legitimate? Many online users from the Philippines want to verify its legitimacy in order to be able use this website and application without worry. Please read this post for more information.

Is this site legitimate?

Please refer to its legitimacy here.

  • Trust Score – We found a 75.4/100 trust score on the FreelanceSage site. This is a standard score.
  • Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a
  • Enrollment Day: May 11, 2020 is the date of registration for the FreelanceSage website. It was registered over two years ago.
  • Expiration date: May 11, 20,23 is the expiry day for the FreelanceSage website.

Sage App for Freelance

Our research shows that the application for this website is not yet available. However, the website is still accessible. It allows viewers to improve their vocabulary, typing speed, and speaking skills by taking a game exam. The website also offers information on a variety of topics that can help readers improve their career. Their goal is to offer advice and practical tips on how to grow your career. They offer freelancing education. You will also find useful articles about topics such as how to increase your earnings and beat work-from home jobs, etc. It appears to be informative, but it is important to verify its legitimacy. is a popular freelance job site!

We must first look at its popularity on social media and see if anyone has taken their typing and speaking tests online before we choose this site to help us grow our careers. It has a Facebook page with over 4k followers and 3k Likes. There is also an Instagram account with more than 500 followers. However, there were no posts. Their official site does not have any reviews. This website has not been reviewed by any online review sites. It is therefore very suspicious. We cannot trust this website until we see more testimonials on Freelance

Do you feel confident in the site’s reliability?

You should not place your trust in the site until the opinions of previous users have been calculated on the official website. You can still read the articles and gain knowledge. However, before you add your credentials or take any tests, it is important to be alert and verify that there are no other components that could determine the legitimacy of the site.


We conclude this post by stating that the domain’s life expectancy and trust index are both very good. We must wait, and we should not perform any tests until there are more reviews on the site.