This article is published with the permission of Government dental assistance and grants 

Sometimes it is necessary to go to the professional services of a dentist, either for emergencies or to fix your teeth. The problem arises if you do not have enough money to go to it and cancel the consultation.

In this regard, dental financial assistance programs can be a great option for free or low-cost dental help. For this reason, in this article we are going to provide information on free dental help for low-income people.

How To Get Government Grants for Dentures

Most uninsured or low-income people are looking for free dental services to fix their decayed or broken teeth.

To do this, you can check dental programs state by state by checking the list of the American Association of Dental Education, some dental schools and organizations.

Dental Schools

The University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Dentistry offers completely free services in Exams/Diagnosis, Cleanings, Fillings, and Extractions.

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Dentistry offers free treatment on Wednesday nights. 

Tufts School of Dentistry in Boston, Massachusetts provides you with prices that allow you to save money when receiving treatment from a student.

The lines where you receive discounts are: cleaning, filling, crowns, root canal.


Charitable organizations rely on the generosity of their donors to offer free dental help so they serve a small number of people.

Within the group of these organizations according to the population category are:

  • Treatment during specialized fairs at no cost at Dentistry from the Heart.
  • For Indiana residents, the Charitable Smiles organization connects people with volunteer dentists.


Dental help for low-income veterans can come from direct government support, also   at low cost through the Department of Veterans Affairs

Similarly, All for Veterans supports servicemen and women with financial difficulties.

Permanent disability

People who cannot afford it and are permanently disabled or over 65 can count on the Dental Lifeline Network.

Uninsured seniors

These people for their free dental help are supported by government assistance programs through a nursing home.

Additionally, seniors certified by their state can get benefits from the Programs of Comprehensive Care for the Elderly (PACE).

Free dentists in the United States

Since the government does not provide grants to individuals or low-income individuals and funds from aid organizations are limited, there are often some costs that must be borne by patients.

However, those adults who do not have sufficient resources can go in search of free dentists in the United States.

A consultation with a dentist who offers a free check -up is not that difficult, in that consultation the health history is reviewed and an oral exam is done.

Subsequently, the professional presents a budget to perform the service.

When it comes to dental cleanings, it is easy to find a consultation that performs them for free.

It is a task that is frequently carried out by hygiene students, who need to improve their craft with those who need dental prophylaxis.

To do this, dentists send out emails announcing free cleanings to attract new patients to their practice.

Similarly, Hygiene Schools use this practice to train students by offering prophylaxis at great discounts.

The American Association of Dental Hygiene in their database has information that can be reviewed in that area.

Dental emergencies for people with low incomes can be taken care of through free emergency dental care .

For this, several fundamental options must be considered:

  • Emergency dental work may be covered by Medicaid, the nation’s leading source of free dental insurance.
  • Low -income parents who are not covered by Medicaid have the option of purchasing private health insurance through the state exchange.
  • Accidental injuries, and treatments derived from a covered disease such as cancer can be covered by private health insurance.
  • Emergency treatment after an accident to relieve pain or eliminate infection for the uninsured may be covered by hospital charity programs.

However, you have to be aware that   free dental help in clinics is false advertising. Like free dental discount cards and dental school promotions can be advertising. You should study these options with caution; many of their offers are to attract patients or clients, as well as those offers that offer free dental implants.