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Information about the comic

Comic Four Knights of the Apocalypse is the latest version in the Seven Deadly Sins. The comic was originally written using the Japanese language, and then translated into English later on.

It is made up of 5 parts. The comic is available in an online version too and is accessible to readers in Northern America for now.


  • Name Four Knights of the Apocalypse
  • Type-Fantasy and the Adventure
  • Author- Nakaba Suzuki
  • House of Publication Kodansha
  • Date of release: 27th January 2021
  • Volumes – Five
  • Language Japanese
  • Translated into the English language

The “Four Knights of the Apocalypse 50” Updates

The most anticipated chapter of the comic series has been released. This section will help readers on the basic information about Chapter 50.

  • The chapter begins in Sin, who claimed that he was Ban’s son.
  • This chapter will provide the ways in which Lancelot can justify the Fox behavior.
  • Sin is described to him to Percival in the new chapter.
  • The chapter is also available with an English version on their site.

In addition, if you’ve not yet read it, look through this article to get a complete understanding. All the Fantasy ” Four Knights of the Apocalypse 50” is available to read this chapter in a printed book or studying it online via Kodansha.

What is the reason it’s trending?

  • The last time we checked, 49 chapters from the comic is available entirely in printed books and online.
  • People who are interested in reading this comic are becoming insane as the next chapter is scheduled to be released.
  • The 50th chapter of the comic has many suspenseful scenes and revelations.
  • The fans are flocking to various websites to find out know more information about ” Four Knights of the Apocalypse 50.” This is the main reason for the current trend in this subject.


After studying the subject and the writing process, we have been able to conclude that this 50th episode of the comic will be very interesting.