Currently, there are plenty of robots being used in various industries. Some examples include industrial robots and collaborative robots. Here, we talk about the latest kind of robot called Flubber robots.

Exclusive reviews, which are not available elsewhere, about the latest invention of Flubber Robot. Find out how it could be beneficial to humans.

What does Flubber refer to? Flubber derives its name from the United States Film Flubber. Flubber was first released in 1997 as a SiFi genre. It has gained a large viewership in United Kingdom. Flubber is an intelligent being made from flexible material. It’s small in size and can transform in many different shapes. It was invented in Medfield College by Professor Philip Brainard (Actor Robin Williams).

Similar inventions were made recently. Let’s see Flubber Robot.

Flubber Bot

The Flubberbot was featured on the internet in late March 2022 to early April 2022. In April, Dr Karan Raj demonstrated its capabilities in a TikTok Video.

Flubber bots can be described as semi-liquid substances that have magnetic properties. In experiments, it behaved sometimes as a liquid and sometimes as a solid. It has the consistency of custard and can be squeezed into small holes.

Flubberbot can be embedded into the body due to its magnetic ability. External magnets can be used for navigation.

Flubber Robot ?

The Professor in Flubber was trying to find a substance that would provide some energy. He accidentally invented a super-bouncy jelly. A jelly with super bouncy properties is what the Professor uses to help his college’s basketball team. The Jelly had self-awareness, which helped the Professor in many other ways.

Scientists have created a jelly that is magnetic! The Jelly is similar to Flubber and is meant to assist humans. Flubber became the latest name for magnetic Jelly. The Flubber Robot has the ability to grab objects near you, move them around, damage them or cut through them.

Flubber bots could be a breakthrough for health technology. They can be used during surgeries in order to trap and move objects.

Flubber Bot Technology Development:

Flubberbots are capable of creating the shape of C, which has an opening in one end and semi-circular at the other. It is capable of trapping objects within the center of ‘C, which allows them to be moved. However, the magnet’s own negative effects can be harmful to the human body. Flubber bots were therefore coated in silica, to reduce their ill effects.

The scientists are currently working to develop Flubber Robot technology that will benefit surgical technology and medical technology. Flubberbot technology can also be used to trap objects, although it is not yet clear which part of the body can be used.


Flubber bot’s semi-liquid, flexible, and adaptable shape allowed it to travel through narrow spaces. It is cost-effective because it can be controlled using an external magnet. Scientists are still trying to figure out how long it takes to infuse a Flubber robot safely.