While toothpaste ads make it seem easy to get whiter teeth with a refreshing breath, many might feel dejected and give up on achieving it when they realise the commitment to the habit it requires. However, the face, including the teeth, is the primary factor that creates the first impression on the person they meet. The city of Ryde has a population of 132,822 and is home to a large youth population between 12 and 30 years who have an active social life. Having yellow teeth with stains and residue might put the other person off and make the exciting dating experience dull. While it may have discoloured due to food habits, drinking habits or medication, there are solutions to improve oral hygiene and lighten up the mood with a gorgeous smile. Smiles of Ryde dentists aim to provide just that.

But First, Know What Causes Discolouration of the Teeth

Developing yellow teeth might not always be the person’s fault. Generally, teeth among different people have colour variations, and genetics also determine their shape and colour. Additionally, the lifestyle and food habits one has developed significantly impact the colour of their teeth and odour. Consuming beverages such as red wine, tea and coffee, narcotics like tobacco and food items like cherries, blueberries, beets and pomegranate that are popular in Ryde can cause discolouration. If one’s health compels them to consume medications like antibiotics, antihistamines, or prolonged poor dental hygiene can lead to the same. Even age impacts the colour as the enamel gets thinner over time, revealing the yellow inner dentin of the teeth.

Smiles of Ryde dentists categorise these stains into intrinsic, extrinsic, and age-related stains and recommend people consult professionals before following specific habits and teeth whitening. Extrinsic stains caused by food items on the enamel can be easily removed by brushing the surface. In contrast, deeper colours require teeth whitening treatment from dental professionals. While discolouration due to age can be challenging to eliminate, expert dental professionals at Ryde provide consolation and treatment, heeding to individual needs.

Best Treatment Options for Fixing Yellow Teeth

After determining the cause of the teeth discolouration and the extent of the issue, one can consider ways to fix the problem. While online blogs and websites provide a plethora of information on home remedies, they may not work on all stains. Some popular home remedies include oil pulling, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, fruit peels and hydrogen peroxide. They may also extend the problem if one follows it without supervision or prescription. Many techniques would not have scientific, empirical evidence to support their teeth whitening claims. Professionals recommend better alternatives, including at-home and in-office treatments, as the clinics have experts to guide the patients through the process and ensure getting the required results.

In-Clinic Bleaching

Dentists use concentrated bleaching products for a brief time to brighten the teeth. The teeth whitening method reduces the sensitivity that some patients might experience when using bleaching trays or other forms in their homes.

Bleaching Trays

Bleaching trays are a teeth whitening option for those who prefer having control over the process. Professionals design bleaching trays that fit the mouth along with a gel that one can use to brighten their teeth. However, one must ensure they are not highly sensitive to the trays and use them only for a short duration.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening, also known as power whitening, is one of the most popular solutions to yellow teeth. It is time effective and causes minimal damage, providing long-lasting results that one can be proud of when socialising.