During your kitchen renovation, a lot of your other decisions will be influenced by your central kitchen concept. It will have an impact on the more specific decisions you make. Budgetary limitations, time constraints, and space and building restrictions should all be taken into account while making this initial choice. Ultimately, your decision will depend on whether you select a ready-to-install kitchen or a bespoke kitchen.

A ready-to-install kitchen may be modular, flat pack, or both. The construction and size of the units are conventional. This indicates that the design has a lot of benefits.

Feature set

Many resourceful solutions for storage and utility are included in the diversity of module alternatives available. In a ready-to-install kitchen, you can choose options like deep drawers over standard cupboards.


For modular units, the bulk of the work is completed offsite. In this way, assembling in your kitchen is fairly simple.


Not all ready-made kitchens are created equal. Both their price and quality vary. As a result, products at the higher end of the market are sturdy and strong enough to last for a long period. Or you’ll discover more constrained durability at the low end. Both have the advantage of being a standard size, which makes it simpler to replace components if necessary. This is true for both integrated fixtures and appliances.

Visual style

A ready-to-install kitchen offers a wide variety of stylistic alternatives. Again, the selection of possibilities depends on the level of specification you select for your kitchen renovation. So, if a gorgeous quartz surface is something you’ve had your eye on, be sure the range has it.


A ready to install kitchen doesn’t have a set price. Everything is dependent on the supplier and specification you select. Your ability to manage extra spending depends on the items you choose from the supplier’s catalogue once your price level is set.

Kitchen taps

The best stainless steel and bronze are used to make the taps that Travis Perkins creates, preventing corrosion.These kitchen faucets come in a variety of styles and dimensions.These taps are built with different kinds of showerheads.The taps come in a wide range of price points and model options.


It’s time to update your home with distinctive, long-lasting tile floors! Your floor will look fantastic anyplace thanks to these top tile flooring ideas, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet spaces.

With the most innovative designs, textures, and patterns in the flooring industry, tile has exploded in popularity over the past ten or so years, expertly emulating the latest wood looks.Be prepared to witness a focus on enormous wood-like planks, striking patterns, forms, and decorations, as well as many fresh, youthful looks.

Kitchen appliances

Without a kitchen, a home is useless, and a kitchen is incomplete without appliances. You may choose from a variety of kitchen equipment online that will not only make your life easier but also make cooking more enjoyable. Everyone wants to have a stress-free culinary experience, regardless of how many people they are cooking for. Explore your culinary side with these kitchen tools. Ovens, rice cookers, juicers, mixer grinders, pizza makers, stand mixers, waffle makers, induction cooktops, microwaves, kettles, hand blenders, and many other products come in a variety of brand options. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can purchase kitchen appliances online.

Kitchen sink& accessories

With the help of Travis Perkins kitchen sink accessories, you can simplify routine activities like cleaning vegetables and add additional workspace. Most are easy to prepare meals in and clean up with because they are sized to fit Travis Perkins sinks. Additionally, you may find plumbing supplies like water traps and sink strainers here.

The kitchen sink’s three primary components are the faucet, which provides water for usage in the sink, the drain, which allows water to drain out, and the basin. However, there are a few kitchen sink accessories that you may want to take into account when purchasing your kitchen sink if you want to use it efficiently. These add-ons are practically as essential as the kitchen sink itself, and they are useful whether you are using the sink for cooking, cleaning, or any other activity.

Worktops & Accessories

Travis Perkins provides a wide range of kitchen worktops, including matt and gloss. These countertops are intended to enhance the aesthetic of your home. Since they have been delivering worktops to both private individuals and businesses for the past ten years, the positive feedback from their customers speaks for itself. High-quality worktops provide your home a great finish in addition to an appealing appearance. top-notch worktops are simple to maintain, practical to fix, and aesthetically pleasing. Worktops are eye-candy because of all the lovely colour options.

You can put these worktops in your kitchens or other areas where food is prepared, toilets or restrooms, and workrooms generally to make your space more appealing and functional. Because of the eco-friendly nature of worktops, your family and you may prepare food in a clean, healthy environment. In order to ensure their durability, worktops are tested against common kitchen abrasives including liquids, oil, food, and scratches. So pick the best and make your surroundings lovely and healthy.