Nowadays, the packaging is not only a product carrier but one of the biggest marketing tools you have on your hand. The importance of packaging is immense for any brand in the world because these days, the packaging is one thing that attracts customers and influences their purchase decision. The size of every industry is continuously growing, which means growing competition, and you can be in any business, but you can’t be sure that you are the best a customer can get, but you do have to believe it to keep grinding for a better brand name in the market. 

Your salesman may have all the time in the world to tell your potential customers why they should buy your product, but for that, you will have to attract customers first. Finding a mixture of your brand values and what your targeted audience prefers, and then implementing that onto your product packaging is no small task, but you can do some tweaks here and there to make the product packaging look more appealing. 

As you know about the exponential growth of E-Commerce in the past few years, customers are being left speechless by the product packaging and display techniques of brands. As you read above that the quality of your product can be found in the market if searched properly, but your packaging design is unique and can’t be copied. 

Even if you get copied, there are enough laws in your favor. In this blog, you will be reading about small changes you can bring to your custom cardboard boxes to get better results from your business. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

Prefer Box Types That Serve Multiple Purposes 

If your brand is in the retail market, then you know how hard it becomes to get noticed by customers. Also, if you want your potential customers to know about the product without them having to remove the product from the packaging, you will have to design the packaging accordingly. By doing this, you will be saving your customers’ time and making their life easier, and this will further elevate your brand value in their eyes. You might wonder, what packaging can do that for your brand? 

Well, you don’t have to look further than the display boxes and window cut boxes. You might have come across these packaging in your nearest stores. Most of the time, display boxes are placed on the cash counter, and window cut boxes are left for the aisles. If you don’t know about window cut boxes, then let me tell you that window cut boxes are the boxes that have a square or other shape cut on the front of the packaging so that customers can look at the product they will be getting before they make the purchase. 

By doing this, nothing will change in your business profits, but you will gain more respect from your customers that they can use the packaging for other purposes when they are done unboxing the product.

Reduce Void Fillers 

Generally, it is best if you pack the product compactly with the excessive use of void fillers so that your customer can receive the product in one piece. Void fillers are packaging materials like bubble wraps to keep the product safe. There are plenty of cons to this, and the main ones are the rise in your packaging cost, more waste, and time-consuming for your customers. 

The best possible way of solving this problem is by using custom inserts that are specially designed for your product. They might cost you some extra money, but business is all about making your customers happy. Inserts will keep your products organized and neat. Another way of solving this problem is by using custom cardboard boxes because you can decide the perfect size for your product packaging according to the dimensions of your product. 

Customers quickly want to get their hands on the products, and extra fillers might frustrate some of them; and these days, customers don’t like the brands that don’t focus on environmental health and keep on generating excess waste.

Personalize The Packaging 

As you know, traditional packaging is gone, and now every brand is focusing on custom boxes. If you are one of those brands, then you can take this unboxing experience for your customer to the next level by adding a personalized thank you note for them. This way, your customers will feel more connected to the brand and feel like they are a part of your brand. 

This small gesture of yours can make their day, and they might like to share that experience with their friends and family through social media, which can be a free advertisement for you. This will cost you near to no money, and still, you will be able to make an impact.

Be Creative With Your Stickers 

If you want to keep up with the market, then you need to be following all the trends. If you aren’t using stickers on your packaging, then this means that you are not paying attention to the trends. Stickers are pretty big in the market at the moment, and getting creative with them can give you an edge over your competitors. 

You can use quotes or other stuff that you think will make the customer fall in love with your brand and convert them into stickers and apply those stickers to the packaging. You might want to sneak in some of these stickers inside the product packaging. Again, this is the smallest investment that can pay you back big time.

Tell Your Brand About What You Are Doing For The Planet 

If you want to create an immediate impact in the market and get noticed by consumers, you will need to make product packaging from eco-friendly materials like custom cardboard boxes or kraft boxes. Two big advantages of eco-friendly packaging are that the material is high-quality and the price is low compared to other materials you find in the market. Using this packaging will create a positive impact in customers’ minds that you care about environmental health.