Is your home feeling cluttered, and do you think it’s time to get rid of some junk? Have you ever wondered how often should you deep clean your house?

There are more than 1.1 million janitorial services businesses in the US. You can hire one to help you or do your own deep cleaning. 

Deep cleaning your house includes clearing out furniture and items you no longer need or use. Here’s a helpful guide to deep cleaning and decluttering your home.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

The presence of pets in your home will increase the need to clean in the areas they use. Kitchens and bathrooms need more frequent cleaning than storage rooms. Spaces used frequently will need deep cleaning more often. 

Daily Deep Cleaning Suggestions

You use your kitchen and bathrooms every day, and some surfaces come in contact with bacteria that can cause illness. Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen with a disinfectant wipe, including the kitchen table. 

Keep your floors and tables free of crumbs that can attract pests. Keep an eye on appliances and give them a quick wipe if they need it. 

Wipe the taps and sink in your bathroom frequently with a disinfectant. Scrub your toilet daily with a brush and suitable cleanser. If several people share the bathroom, clean it more frequently.

Make your bed every morning and put clothes and other items in a laundry basket. Keeping clutter down in other living areas of your home will keep it from building up.

Areas to be Deep Cleaned Weekly

Use the right cleaner to protect your floors. Vacuum the floors in your home, and mop any wood or tile floors. Dust all surfaces in your home, and it’s good to run a duster along the baseboards in every room. 

Sanitize sponges and replace kitchen and bathroom towels with fresh ones. Some cleaners recommend keeping a squeegee in your shower and giving it a quick wipe every week.

Monthly Cleaning and Other Tasks

Clean out your fridge, throw out any expired food and empty leftovers into the garbage. Give it a good wipe, inside and out. Change the linen in your bedroom. If you have pets or allergies, do this more frequently.

This is a good time to clean the filter in your dishwasher and do a heavy dusting of blinds and other areas. Check the oven to see if it needs cleaning and wipe it down.

The Big Annual Clear Out

Deep cleaning your house also means throwing away clutter. Set aside an area of your home to place items to donate or take to the dump. For big spring cleaning jobs, look into dumpster rentals

Go through each area of your home with a critical eye. It’s surprising how much you will find when you’re committed to getting rid of junk. 

Your Home Will Sparkle

Now that you’ve answered the question, “how often should you deep clean your house,” you can organize a task list and get your deep cleaning completed.

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