Today, we’ll be telling our readers interested in the online store which offers educational toys to aid the development and growth of kids. But, nowadays even children are drawn to electronics and spend the majority of their time looking at the screen.

Thus, the Rubiksy store has created brain toys that will help you avoid such situations. Furthermore, the aim of the website is to grab the worldwide market. Let’s find out in these Rubiksy reviews whether the website is reliable.

What is Rubiksy?

Rubiksy is an online retailer that deals in educational toys that aid in the smooth process of learning. Each toy or game that is offered on the site is influenced by the Montessori method of teaching. Additionally, these toys assist your children in understanding emotions and increase their capacity to reach. Furthermore, these games allow you to have a great time learning with your child.

Furthermore, nowadays, the most kids are affected by gadgets that are smart as well as video games and virtual learning. This can have a negative have a negative impact on the brain of your child. Therefore, in order to prevent such instances, the site developed a number of games such as observation games, fun cubes, for instance.

The site promises to be a good one however, we’ve found several red flags regarding the site during our investigation. We advise people to conduct thorough research prior to visiting this store online. Because it’s not clear is Rubiksy Legit?

What is the characteristics in Rubiksy?

  • Link to homepage of website:
  • Games for learning and teaching
  • Newsletter-provided
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact numberis not listed.
  • Shipping cost-free delivery
  • Delivery period: 3-7 business days
  • Method of payment: VISA, American Express
  • Social media linksaren’t mentioned
  • Return and exchange policy for itemsWithin 30 days of purchase
  • Refund details – the refund period is not specified
  • Domain name creation date- 10/12/2021

If you’re interested to know the secret motives behind the site and its users, then read this Rubiksy reviews until the end.

What’s the benefits of purchasing on this site?

  • The website offers educational games and toys.
  • Customers from all over the world are exempt from paying the delivery charge.
  • The website boasts that it has more than 7560 happy customers and includes positive reviews.
  • The website provides a support email ID.
  • The site also accepts returns for defective and damaged items.

What’s the negatives of purchasing on this site?

  • Customers have not yet posted any reviews on external hyperlinks.
  • The site doesn’t exist on any Social media sites.
  • The interface of the website is meant to be considered suspicious.
  • Limited items are available on the website.

Is Rubiksy Legit?

It’s true that the website provides educational toys and boasts more than 7500 satisfied customers. However, at the same there are several flaws with the site and this suggests that the Rubiksy store isn’t a good choice completely. So, potential buyers are advised to take a look at the information below to be aware of the conclusions.

Here are some hints to assist you to clarify your questions.

  • Domain launch date – the domain name was registered just a month ago on the 10th of December, 2021.
  • Customer reviews – The happy customers’ Rubiksy Reviews are posted on the website. site.
  • Trust score: This website is not trustworthy since it has a low trust score of 11%.
  • Domain expiration date – The domain is valid until 10/12/2022.
  • Trust rank – This online platform’s trust rating is 5.5/100.
  • Alexa rank: The site’s Alexa rank is 1623449.
  • Social media pages – The website has not made mention of its social media pages nor URLs.
  • Originality of location – The company’s office address isn’t listed on the portal.
  • Images and content copied from other sources Content and images are not original.

What are the Clients’ Rubiksy reviews?

The customers are happy because they have shared their experiences about the products and site’s services on the site. Additionally, the website offers a pop-up function that has listed the names of buyers and their comments.

There aren’t any comments on the online platforms or feedback pages, as of now.

The Bottom Line

Yet, in our review, we found that this site is a newcomer to the web-based world and doesn’t appear to have any valid motives.