This article will reveal the truth about Fernando Baez Sosa Tweet Video. This article also contains all information about the murder case.

What was the final outcome of Fernando Sosa’s death? What was the Argentina Court’s verdict? What was the reason for this delay of more than three years. People all over the world are calling for justice for Fernando Sosa, an Argentinian immigrant. A group of rugby players killed him in 2020. The accident occurred outside Le Brique nightclub.

A Fernando Baez Sosa Twitter video circulated quickly on social media, where people are calling for justice for Sosa.

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How did this viral video become so popular?

The video was initially recorded by Lucas Pertossi (one of the Murders), who then closed the video and began beating Baez Sosa. The video was finally obtained by the police who were investigating the incident. A Twitter video of a Instagram friend story was recently circulated in which a group of boys beat up an innocent.

Many people see the similarities between the Fernando Sosa Mor V incident and the one that took place with Fernando Sosa. They also believe that the man being beaten up in this video is Fernando Sosa. The video was taken in the daytime and the incident that Fernando Sosa had with his girlfriend occurred at night. The original video circulated rapidly on Tiktok at the time of the incident.

Judgment of Argentina Court

According to the court, the victim had been brutally attacked by Maximo Thomson and Enzo Comelli as well as Matias Benicelli and Luciano Pertossi. They were sentenced to 30 years in prison and 15 years to Lucas Pertossi and Cinalli.

Viral is the second-degree murder a innocent person. Use Reddit or social media to seek justice for the less fortunate.

It took the justice system more than three years for it to come to an end. The police were able to get the evidence and proof within a day. All the children were 18 at the time of the incident.

Fernando Baez Sosa Video Original

People want the original footage of the incident that was recovered by police. Although a few clips of the incident can be found on private social media accounts of users, it is illegal for them to share the entire incident video on social media.

People are still looking for video on YouTube and other social media sites to find original clips.

What caused the incident?

Fernando Baez Sosa went on holiday with her friends and her girlfriend to Villa Gesell. A friend took them to a club where they met a group of young rugby players.

However, Fernando Baez Sosa Original confirms that the players were determined to beat the innocent boys. This led to Fernando’s painful death in the one-sided fight.

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Final Verdict!

Random rugby players beat Fernando Sosa, an innocent 18-year-old boy, outside the nightclub.