Brands and businesses often consider Facebook live streaming as the biggest platform when it comes to the growth of the page. Multiple social media strategies do consider Facebook live streaming ass the best option for engagement growth rates and improving the results. If you want to take more guidance, here are Facebook live streaming examples in 2022.

Top 10 Facebook live streaming examples in 2022

1. Birchbox

One place where you can find amazing Facebook live videos is from Birchbox. It is a company related to makeup samples which provide the monthly subscribers some amazing hampers. They host multiple live videos with a proper tutorial that provides you with an amazing result. The reason why Birchbox became a popular choice for people is because they provide a monthly subscription box to the subscribers. Birchbox is one brand that has attracted millions of youth into their brand reach which provided a great result.

2. Tomcat

Tomcat is another channel that offers amazing videos and collaborations. Tomcat created a roar in the year of 2016 when they first launches a horror themed puppet which was a part of their experiment. Their marketing team came up with an innovative idea which brought up a lot of followers and also gained them instant success. It was a horror themed video event that has millions of views.

3. Starbucks

Almost everyone knows about the impact of Starbucks on the wide section of choices. Starbucks offers a lot as a brand and establishing communication is much easier with them. However, one reason why they got fame back in 2016 was because of their ability to get an amazing result. Starbucks had their representatives with viewership to get the best results. The best part was that they could get the viewers to stick around. Starbucks is another place where the youth have found their go-to place and this happened because of an amazing social media response.

4. Anderson Cooper

The concept of facebook live was changed completely with the introduction of Anderson Cooper. It has brought up a series of changes which introduced the series of live. The concept of full circle was made which allows you to get an amazing result. The full circle episodes came out as a storm and it was really great to have such wonderful results. The formatting of the show took its course getting a great engagement.

5. Red Table Talk

One of the firsts celebrities who took facebook live as a talk show was Joda Pinkett Smith. The Red Table Talk was an instant success ever since it was launched. The concept of the Red Table Talk was all about racism, politics and other hard hitting topics. Out of this, the episode on Red Table Talk: Motherhood became a popular hit. The construction of the show followed by a wonderful concept was really good to go for.

6. Stanley Cup Live

Another great account that set up an amazing example of the facebook live sessions is the Stanley Cup Live. It is one account that has streamed the entire season of Stanley Cup via the Facebook live platform. Multiple researches have come up which can predict that live gaming sessions or events can provide a better result when it comes to engagements. The NHL players and draft prospects provide a great result.

7. Tough Mudder

The concept of Tough Mudder in endurance series which was provided as military style obstacles dedicated to a community. The Tough Mudder helped a lot of people to undergo multiple aspects of the training and the events associated to it. Right from the start, Tough Mudder provided reliable information and guidance through their live videos which provided to be very helpful. You can get up close and get reliable information here.

8. Benefit

Benefit is a well known cosmetics company that has provided an amazing engagement result which provides a great value. On the recent times, Benefit cosmetics came up with multiple social media strategies which will provide a great result. From a sound stage, you can get a detailed description of their products and a guide on the application process. Their sessions also included live Q&A rounds which will provide a great result. This is a great result and an example of how the right methods for marketing can archive great impact.

9. Jason Carr

The next name on the list is the Jason Carr which comes in two different parts. Jason Carr has been involved in multiple streaming sessions and was occasionally termed as the best results. Jason Carr was officially known as a presenter and then he came up with a series of two lives for FOX 2. In the first episode, he came up with riding his gig and then following it up with a promise on the next live session. It was eventually a great impact for most of the live sessions that are available.

10. Martha Stewart

One of the best accounts when it comes to the cooking shows and live sessions related to this is Martha Stewart. She is also known as the go-to leader when it comes to the knowledge of cooking and presenting this as an art. With the help of facebook live, she expanded her digital outreach multiple times. In some of her live sessions, she took up a strategy to collaborate with special guests who would assist her. Join this process she came up as one of the biggest leaders in the industry.Note: As you have seen many examples related to live stream fan pages or profiles having a big fan following or low can start doing stream as well. A few trending examples are gaming, shopping, and events any of these can promote their live worldwide. And if you are worried about how you to increase FB viewers for your live just buy online some viewership, it will help you to go viral as well. if you are professional you can take the help of software to make sure your stream is HD quality which is liked by most of the audience.