YouTube in 2022

YouTube is one of the most famous video-sharing applications and social media platforms where you can watch more than one billion videos on various topics. You can also create your videos and upload them as reels and shorts. Nowadays, YouTube has a great reach all over the globe and has become the most successful and influential social media app for streaming videos worldwide. Moreover, some Cheapest Smm Panel like SmmCliq available in the market will help you gain YouTube watch hours.  This short guide will teach you some of the best ways to get 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel.   

Ways to Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time on YouTube in 2022:

The good news is that in 2022 YouTube will be optimized to monetize your YouTube channel to finally make some money with it. Unfortunately, you require quite a few hours on your YouTube channel and some subscribers to get that monetization status. The requirements to monetize your YouTube channel are; first, you need to get 1000 YouTube subscribers for your channel, and secondly, you need to gain 4000 hours of watch time within a year. However, getting one thousand subscribers for your YouTube channel is not very difficult, but when we talk about 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube. 

Gaining 4000 hours of watch time depends on several things, including how often you upload your content, the quality of your content, and many others. Luckily, many Best Smm Panel providers like SmmCliqSmmDealsJustAnotherPanel, and Followee can help you get those 4000 hours of watch time as well as 1000 YouTube subscriber’s milestones. You have to know where to look for them. Here are some great ways to get 4000 hours of watch time on a YouTube channel.

Consistently Upload Videos:

Viral videos are wonderful as they give an instant boost to your YouTube channel and also help you to attract new viewers to your content. However, it would be best if you did not go into the video-making process intending to make a viral video. There are some creators to pull it off, and it becomes very easy for you to be consistent on YouTube. Make a posting schedule and stick to it so that someday, you will have enough videos to gain 4000 hours of watch time over many uploads versus one video. You can also take advantage of SmmCliq, which will help you get YouTube watch hours fast.

Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Channel:

Of course, at the start of your YouTube channel, a few odds are stacked against you. It is true that YouTube initially did not recommend your videos to new viewers. It is also true that in the beginning, it was very difficult to grow your channel organically because YouTube does not know enough about you and your videos and who would be interested in watching them. You can get around this by optimizing your videos for YouTube searches. You have to find new topics for your videos that most people are searching for on YouTube, with very few competing videos in the search results. Fortunately, some Best Smm Panels like SmmCliq will help you gain YouTube watch hours. 

Try to create targeted videos for this topic once you find the high search volume and low competition keyword. It is time to optimize the title of your video, description, and keywords for your YouTube SEO. It is the most powerful tool to optimize the click-through rate of your YouTube videos. So, if there are just five videos about any topic, including yours, your video will also appear on the first page of YouTube’s search results for your targeted keyword.

Add Your Videos To Playlists:

Every YouTube channel must have at least one playlist. This playlist will help you to boost your YouTube channel. Therefore, it is great to start creating one playlist for all your videos and then add all your public videos. The reason to create a playlist is that it creates a very convenient way for viewers in bulk to watch your content. Another great way to turbocharge your YouTube playlist you can take advantage of a super powerful feature known as a series playlist. You will also buy the packages of some great Smm Panel that will increase your YouTube watch time. With the normal or no playlist, there was no way to know if YouTube would suggest part 2 as the next recommended video if someone watched part 1. On the other hand, with the series playlist, the probability of part 2 will be suggested almost guaranteed. In addition, if you sneak in more of your videos, you will get extra watch time, which will further help you get your 4000 hours to watch time milestone much faster.

Create Custom Thumbnails For YouTube Videos:

Optimizing your video thumbnails for clicks is one of the greatest ways to increase your YouTube watch hours. Of course, you have the best video, but everything is useless, and your watch time is also zero if nobody clicks on it. Therefore, with your video title, YouTube thumbnails ate the most important factor that will help you succeed in getting high video click-through rates. The best thumbnail communicates the value of watching your video to viewers when they search their YouTube newsfeed. 

By default, YouTube will choose the three best freeze frames from your video as a thumbnail suggestion during the upload time of your video. There is also an option of SmmCliq, which will help you to increase your YouTube watch time. However, designing and uploading your unique video thumbnail is always great, allowing you to stand out from other videos. Of course, you will get the best results if you plan for the thumbnail before creating the script of your video. 


Above, we mentioned some great ways to increase your YouTube watch hours. When you properly work on your YouTube channel before its launch, you will quickly achieve the 4000 hours of watch time milestone. However, in 2022 you will also have Smm Panel to help you reach your target. Some of them are the very Cheapest Smm Panel, such as SmmCliq, which will allow you to gain 4000 hours of watch time very fast and at a very affordable price.