Extrasav – Have you been to this shop? This shop is located at United States. There are many people who want to purchase from this website. Extrasav can you buy safely? This post on Additionalsav Reviews will answer this question. It will focus on the most important questions regarding Extrasav legitimacy. Please stay tuned for more information about this website.

Extrasav Shop

Extrasav e-commerce shopping platform allows buyers to shop for cars, home interior designing and stationery, such as a magical pen. You can purchase all of these products at a discount price, so that you do not have to consider your budget. There are many options. You can see the full list below to learn more about their products.

  • Printed Moon Lamp
  • Scratch Removal Spray
  • Water Painting Magical Pen
  • Roller-ball cleaner
  • Car Phone Stand

Is Extrasav Legit? While the website is trending and includes all the necessary items we cannot confirm if it is legitimate. Many people have been asking questions about Extrasav and are speculating on its legitimacy. So we are sharing all details that will help you. This post will provide you with all the information you need if you are a buyer looking for these details.


  • Buy a car phone stand from https://extrasav.com/.
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 4423922160686
  • Address: Lowry Mill 2nd Floor Swinton M276DB, Lees Street Pendlebury.
  • We haven’t seen extrasav reviews on any online review sites. A customer rating is not available for these products.
  • Shipping Policy: Processing takes between 4-7 days. Delivery time is between 15 and 30 days.
  • Return Policy: The products can be returned if you aren’t satisfied within 14-days.
  • PayPal Payment Methods

Positive Notes

  • Get free shipping for orders over $50
  • Contact information, including location and telephone number, is available.
  • Through HTTPS, data is secured by the domain

Negative Tips

  • Reviews are not available on official and online websites.
  • Only one method of payment is offered
  • Social media availability can’t be seen on every platform.
  • The email address doesn’t match the domain.

Is Extrasav Legit?

To be considered a legitimate site, a website should follow certain legit guidelines. These factors can be found here. Factors such as trust score and registration date play a significant role in determining if a shop or business is legitimate. Below are the details:

  • Website Registration Date July 1, 2022 is the registration date to the Extrasav shop. It was created just twenty days ago.
  • Registrar extrasav can be registered through GoDaddy.com LLC
  • Trust Score – The shop only has a 2 % trust score. We don’t advise readers to trust this website.
  • Buyer’s feedback: No extrasav reviews have been found by our team on any product, online or off-line. This seems to have been a questionable site.
  • SocialMedia: The shop isn’t available on any social networking sites. This website is not popular and suspicious.
  • Data security – This domain, Extrasav allows data security using the HTTPS protocol.
  • Missing information : All contact details for the owner are available. The owner’s details and email address are not available.
  • Expiry Time: June 30, 20,23, is the date that the Extrasav ship expires.
  • Policies. All policies are accessible on the official portal. Buyers can review their shipping policy, return policy, and other details in their layout.

Extrasav Reviews

Our team didn’t find any relevant information regarding product reviews. There is no place online where users can share reviews about their products. You cannot also access social media pages on any social networking website. Review are essential if the website has been verified. Negative reviews can make buyers skeptical.

Final Summary

This concludes our post on . We have discovered that the website was created only twenty days before. The trust rate is only 2 percent. It is important to exercise caution when sharing information on such websites owners.