This guide contains information about a jewel store and Ellsia Reviews in order to assist consumers in making the right choice.

Are you interested in buying designer jewelry online Are you searching for trendy jewelry and accessories online? is a brand new online shop that sells trendy and fashionable ornaments and jewelry for women.

The largest selection of designer jewelry, watches and accessories for women is available at the store. You can even get 80% off flash sales by using a code. The store targets the United States market and promises to make its products worldwide.

Before placing an order, customers are advised to review the Ellsia Reviews.

What is Ellsia, you ask?

Ellsia is an online store that sells fashionable accessories, ornaments, as well as jewelry for women. The products are categorized in various sections so you can easily browse them according to your requirements.

This store has the largest selection of anklets chains, earrings, bracelets, rings and bracelets. The store also offers ornamented wristwatches at a discount. A unique code can be used to get up to 80% off your first purchase.

The store is geared towards modern buyers in the United States. However, it is important to read reviews and find out Is Ellsia Legit or Scam.


  • Site URL –
  • Items on Sale: Bracelets and Chains, Rings, Earrings. Anklets. Wrist Watches.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal and Major Credit Card Payment
  • Electronic Mail –
  • Phone No. – Not Available
  • Store’s Physical Address — Not Found
  • Email Newsletter Subscription Available
  • Domain Creation Date – 24th June 2022, 13 Days Ago
  • Shipping Information – Order processing times range from 2 to 3 days. However, shipment delivery can take between 8 and 14 days depending on where the customer is located. After the shipment is processed, an email will include a tracking number.
  • Ellsia Reviews requires that all consumers return defective or damaged products within 30 calendar days of delivery. You have 30 days to return your product and receive a full refund in the original mode of payment.
  • Social Media – Social Platforms Not Active

Pros by Ellsia

  • The latest collections of accessories and jewelry
  • Ornaments with modern designs
  • Ornamented wristwatches
  • Up to 80% Discount on Products
  • All orders are eligible for return or refund

Cons Of Ellsia

  • The owner’s details are not displayed on the website
  • There is no presence on social media
  • Website does not allow you to share your address and phone number.

Ellsia Legit, Scam or Legit?

Online purchases can be risky especially if the store is not verified. You should verify’s legitimacy before you invest your hard-earned dollars.

  • The domain of the store was registered 13 Days ago on 24th Juni 2022. However, it is only for one year.
  • We evaluated the store and found that its trust score was low. It has only secured 1% trust rating, and it has a trust score of 58.2%. Low scores mean that it is important to research and evaluate the website before making a purchase.
  • Numerous Ellsia Review have been posted to the website of this store, all positive. Since the store was first registered 13 days ago, all these reviews are paid and were shared between 2 and 3 months ago.
  • The owner’s identity remains unknown. The store page does not include a physical address or phone number.
  • Other than a discount code of 80%, there are no discounts.
  • The store doesn’t have social media links so it isn’t active on these platforms.

These findings indicate that the store is suspicious. Additional research is required before shopping in the store.

Customer reviews

Numerous positive reviews are posted on the product pages. The Ellsia Reviews look paid for many great reasons. The domain was registered 13 days ago. However, the reviews were shared at least 2 to 3 months prior to its creation. These reviews are not sufficient to prove the legitimacy of this website.

Aside from that, there are not many reviews online. A few videos are available online with no comments or feedback. You are strongly advised to investigate the website thoroughly before you shop as it appears highly suspicious and possibly a scam. Don’t Forget to Read the Tips for Reporting PayPal Scams

Conclusion, an online shop selling jewelry and ornate watches for women, is called But there are many loopholes in the website and no Ellsia Reviews can be found to assess its legitimacy. To avoid any unnecessary frauds, online shoppers should thoroughly investigate the website. Additional tips for reporting Credit Card Scams are also available. HTML3_

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