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What is NBA 2k23 Pre Order?

NBA 2k23 was just announced. It will release on September 9, 2022. The New Edition of NBA 2k23 will be available for multiple athletes, depending upon the version of each game. No matter what game version you play, pre-ordering can help you get some bonus. Virtual currency, My Team points to increase career skill type, Devin Booker’s free agent card and MyTeam Promo Packs are some of the bonuses. Each edition includes digital bonus content. Everybody is now waiting for NBA2k23 Michael Jordan Edition .

Some Important Features

NBA 2k23’s cover features the Shooting guard from Phoenix Sun. There are several versions of this game: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. PS4 or Xbox One versions can both be played on the PS5/Xbox Series. Next-gen features can only be accessed through certain next-gen versions for Xbox Series and PS5. Standard editions will not grant you a free upgrade from PS4 or Xbox One to Xbox Series. Only a few editions, like Digital Deluxe, Michael Jordan and Championship, include both versions.

2k23 Pre Order Gamestop

Digital deluxe edition includes access to NBA 2k23 across both generations. This is the cheapest way to upgrade from a previous-generation console to a newer model. You only need to pay $10. You can’t spend $69.99 on the PS5 or Xbox Series X Digital Deluxe Edition also includes MyTeam points, MyTeam Tokens and MyTeam Promo Packs. You can also get 1 free option pack for an agent, Jordan shoes of diamond, and a Ruby Coach card. My Career bonuses include My Career skill increase type, 1-2 Hour Double XP Coins, 4 Cover Star Shirts, 1 backpack, arm sleeves, and 1 backpack. These bonuses are only available through 2k23 pre-order gamestop

About Different Editions

There are three types of NBA 2k23 Editions. They include WNBA edition, Michael Jordan edition, and Championship Edition. The WNBA edition has Sue Bird and Diana taurasi on the cover. It also includes bonuses like 1 Sue Bird jersey and 1 Diana Taurasi shirt. As the name implies, NBA 2k23 Michael Jordan is covered. NBA 2k23 Championship edition includes a 12-monthly NBA League Pass subscription.


Many people are keen to play NBA 2k23. Many people don’t know about the new features and bonus offers. You should also consider purchasing this game and ordering the 2k23 Pre Order Gamestop to receive bonus offers. To learn more please visit this link.

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